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How often is Rush right?

He is predicting a civil war in our future.

When someone mainstream is openly saying this it is getting closer.

This leads the question who will be fighting who.

Military against Antifa or against the Militia?

Law Enforcement against the left? Or right?

Just who will be fighting who.

What outside forces will come to bear? Will Russia funnel weapons to one side or the other?

Will a foreign state sponsor assist the right?

I'm full of questions today


  • He has a 90+% accuracy rating.

    It's a matter of time, now. I hope you're all better prepared than I am now. I got screwed, and will have to fight like I've never fought before when this shot goes down, if it goes down in a significant manner prior to this time next year. But I'll be damned if I go down easy,

    Lock it down guys, as best you can. I just watched a video of the Governor of VA and Mayor of Charlottesville VA allowed, yes, ALLOWED(ok, allegedly still) Antifa to raise their flag in place of the US Flag. Who allowed it is questionable, that it happened is from several sources.

    Enemy flag raised over our nation. Fuck. me. running.
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    I'll bite,

    The USA is is going more Leftist/Socialist as are many other countries throughout the world,even though Trump is POTUS not even most the Republicans in Congress will side with him or the people that voted for him on the simplest of things. The sad truth is that this sham, and that is what it is, a SHAM !

    So most of our politicians are pretty much bought and paid for, the USA pays for about 22% of the overall United Nations budget and 28.47% of the annual Peacekeeping operations all by itself .

    I don't see ANYONE coming to our sides aid, I see the whole thing as a sham meant to be an excuse to really bring about Agenda 21 and our enslavement , or at least how THEY see things.
    Personally , I think that when the party kicks off officially that any and all of these traitors to the Constitution and to the American people need to quickly go they same way as others of their ilk who would enslave others.
    Such as Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini , Nicolae Ceausescu, etc, etc, etc.....


    .... oh and that goes for ALL past politicians as well and ALL of those GOLDMAN SACHS type pricks !

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    Pastor Mike at this point it don't matter. We're already at the I tipping point, but what is going to push the real patriots to the point of actually fighting back?

  • Barrett, it's coming fast. Some pages I follow on FB that tend to stay low pro, they are ramping up and saying and encouraging doing more, all legal encouragement of course.
  • Well perhaps it will be Mexico and Canada then since we are secretly starting up NAFTA Negotiations again..... http://wolfstreet.com/2017/08/19/nafta-negotiations-start-in-secrecy-fake-promises-of-transparency-lobbying-heats-up/

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    Thanks for the heads up Ski. I ain't making a move until I have all the bases covered, and when I do, look the F' out 'cause it will be coming with the rath of Yahweh.

  • Putin stated that he would send aid to the people in the event of a civil war in America. Like with many things, you have to read between the lines on this. These protesters are being bussed in. I know people who witnessed with their own eyes instigators from both sides of the Charlottesville disaster getting off the same group of busses. Think about that. When we have things like that still happening, and nobody is investigating, we don't have the change we were looking for. That tells me that the opposition can still operate unchecked. That event was a major success for the people that seek to enslave us. That's why we are seeing it escalate. Events are being planned all over the damn place now.

    If a bunch of them get rounded up, like they did when they rioted in DC, it will calm back down. People will be afraid to show up again. If they get shot, it will cause the same affect but that's what they want. This is the new means to cause a civil war. As long as they keep getting away with it, it's going to continue and get worse. That's the idea. Get us all fighting each other. Befor you know it, martial law has been declared. The constitution has been suspended. Turn in your weapons immediately. Sadly, most people will fallow along no matter how much they chant the usuall slogans. "Never surrender, "No Compromise" , You Can Have My Gun When You Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands" etc. It's all a joke. The majority of the country is going to allign with whoever gives them food.

    I do believe a civil war is coming but I don't think it's going to be what people think. It will be controlled. Look at the Senate and Congress races around the country. All of the rat bastard that are up for reelection are allready doing horrible. Most of them will loose and the rest will loose during the next race. If this is allowed to go on, we will get a large amount of the country back. All that hard work for nothing and in the end they'll be facing jail if the right people get in. Put your self in their shoes. Would you just stand there and let it happen? Would you let all the money stop and risk losing your awsome lifestyle and maybe get prosecuted as well? Fuck no you wouldn't. You'd fight like a bastard and do whatever it takes.

    That's what we're seeing. They were never going to let us take it back and they'll kill most of the population if that's what it takes. The time to take it back by force has allready passed. At this point, we'll be fighting Americans, the government, and probably the U.N.

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    I think you are right.

    Even our own 3% ideology says no first strikes

    Let me get out my big shit stirring stick

    I think it will be a gorilla war. More along the lines of how and why the IRA They fought British rule. We would fight over leftist rule.

    Even the militia group I train with is about infantry field tactics in a rual setting. They plan to bug out to the hills. They don't train for what I see they need to be training for even in a bug out situation. They train for fall back and wait

    I see that LEO will be the lapdogs of the political figures of the day. It will be a war fought against criminals i.e. The right wingers labled as natzi or white supremacist The propaganda will be epic.

    Those that chose to fight will be on the run from the law. All of there actions will be demonized even by some on the right.

    I don't see anyone country stepping in to support those that fight for the first few years. Maybe later down the road a small country in the Middle East that has been a friend and nuclear power might lend some assistant to the fight, probably not.

    If any of that happens think of agenda 21. UN will be consulting police departments like Portland via the safe streets program which is already laid out and implemented in a very minor way

    I think this will be a war fought against the Department of Homland Security with help from the UN. It will be labeled a war against crime and domestic terror.


    Except they will be wearing blue

    Of course I could be all wrong

    We could find out ATFIA likes to sing and dance around the fire pit like rainbow children. They may just want to hold hands and smoke weeD. Maybe good old George S. will quit funding the left
  • ANY Civil War 2 that happens here will result in a muslim world, U.N. and Vatican attack on Israel since their number one supporter will be in a state of distress.
    Blood in the water always brings out the sharks and leaches.

    Good points there Black5heep, especially about how many of the militias train to fight defensively instead of built up urban OFFENSIVE operations.

    Instead of just sitting and waiting to be attacked once the balloon goes up, we need to BLITZKRIEG the Left and their tit sucking minions and start cutting throats on DAY ONE !

    If your going to be labeled a Terrorist/Criminal/Outlaw/Bandit and hunted and treated like one when THEY are in fact the real enemies to this nation, then may THEIR souls be damned and THEY and THEIR relations bones bleach out in the sun !

    ANYONE who follows evil just to be on the winning side is still evil, and needs to be put down as such . Yes we are told in scripture to love our fellow man second only to loving Heavenly Father first ,do no seek vengeance because we will be blind to true justice and so on.
    But..... we are also told to put evil away from us, and if lesser non-violent means fail then they are to be wiped out from upon the face of the earth.

    There is nothing wrong with doing away with evil to protect the innocent ones , so why prolong it in a Defensive manner when that has been proven in the past to result in more innocent deaths. HIT HARD, HIT FAST, KILL THE EVIL DOERS and then go home and pray for forgiveness and commit yourself to living a life worthy of the G-d that you serve.

  • civil war will be between the states...like in Jericho..i hate using that show as an example so much but it seems pretty accurate ...The government will split between a new and old ideology of America and we will decide for ourselves whos our allies and whos our enemy... Do you think the oathkeepers and thier 30,000+ members will take it too Antifa in a civil war setting? or are they more of a political movement? I dont know much about the oathkeepers but arnt they one the bigger organized groups on our side?

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    Don't put any stock in Oathkeeper's leadership. The members might in part(active LE) take the official government stance. There will be a split in their ranks.

    I have it from inside sources that the Oathkeeper's BOD has been infiltrated by government operatives. Stewart is being dragged down the wrong path. This is also why Sheriff Mack Mack left the organization.

  • It will be NOTHING like the first Civil War, let's be clear about that.
    The numbers just are not there as well as the huge geographical regions such as those north of the Mason-Dixon Line and those south of it. Instead we have wannabe City-states and those regions outside of them.
    No States Rights verses Federal Rights, instead we have Socialism verses The Constitution/Bill of Rights.
    With that said we are also entering another age in which a Global Government is being presented to rule over all. It has been tried many times in the past but nothing like what is now capable through the media and advanced military weapon systems at the disposal of the mega-wealthy.

    It may start one way, but it sure as hell will not end as either side pictured it.
    The powers that be do not want a Constitutional restoration, instead they want a complete corporate takeover of the entire planet !
    This will be a fight for survival for people like us, and a fight of entitlement for those on the street being played as the canon fodder that they are for those manipulating them.

    The only great equalizer in this equation would be for a massive CME or EMP to devastate not just our country but the entire world.
    Not just crippling everyone, but breaking the back of the world and ushering in a New Dark Age where everything is up in the air.

    But with that withstanding, it will be our own military/surveillance state at the behest of the bankers that will dictate just how far things will go for the most part , not YOU and your AR-15.

    Come on guys I've laid this out for you before and you really need to do some deep thinking on this.
    Are WE going to play this game/civil war 2 on THEIR terms or on ours ?

    That is where OUR saving grace will come into play, and that is where we need to be thinking, planning and prepping for the day that although many of us enjoying fantasizing about in one fashion or another, is really a day that no sane individual wishes to ever see first hand.

  • Very good discussions.
  • it wont be like the first civil war...but not all the states are gonna go along with complete fed takeover and others are already taking jabs at eachother(just look at cali and texas) and if the states are not going against the feds then explain all the state laws places like kentucky and missori are passing to prevent the feds from intervention in thier states (ex. no fed gun laws can be enforced in that state) I agree with most of what your saying but the states are not gonna follow the feds they are gonna start getting childish and fighting eachother and the feds will step in to referee...possible martial law and then putting the government bs aside we got culture wars and socialist pricks already on the attack at us...theres more to this civil war but its still got the same bs from the last...in the end neither us,the feds,the liberals or the states are gonna win shit...us citizens could decide alot if we wernt devided but we are at eachothers throats ...these days have been along time coming , these things have been in motion since before i was born ...all the brainwashing,all the encroachments on our rights, the division of the people..all of it ...now me and you with our rifles might not be able to change alot but we are Americans with guns so we fight tyranny when it comes... even if it means losing....because murica thats why...im not going out today and starting shit either but when it all goes down i will grab my poodle shooter and fight intail im dead because im a red blooded god fearing dumb fat f***in American that believes in the constitution whether it means shit to anyone else or not.

  • I don't remember saying that the States would not go against the Feds, I did say that we had City-States and those areas outside of them, meaning Denver vs. the rest of Colorado, Chicago vs. Illinois , New York City vs. New York State, that is what I meant.
    Just look at the last election by county across the Nation, and we know that most of the Blue areas are really false due to all of the Democratic voter fraud that was so widespread.

    As for my comment about "YOU and your AR-15", that was not directed at you JWF, that was to all the idiots out there that I have heard over the years babble on about how they are just gonna start shooting in the streets when it all kicks off, instead of selectively targeting high value targets so as to truly cripple the One World Order, if your going to sacrifice your life do it while taking out George Soros instead of George Clooney !
    See where I'm coming from ..... THEORETICALLY !!! ;)

    800 x 533 - 360K
  • that is very true and makes sense...i dont know if even a "theoretical" discussion on political assasination is something i will choose to talk about but lets just say i feel you on that and agree 150%.

  • @JWF said:
    that is very true and makes sense...i dont know if even a "theoretical" discussion on political assasination is something i will choose to talk about but lets just say i feel you on that and agree 150%.

    All I'm saying is that in the dark, late night hours, ALL kinds of thoughts go through our heads that NEVER NEED BE SAID OUT IN PUBLIC .
    I don't mind bringing things into the light for you fine gents to entertain in your own unique ways so that you don't have to.
    Can you feel the love now ???

  • 4th generation warfare as stated by the honorary father Mike Vanderboegh! When the time comes make every move count, don't waste time and resources fighting unworthy minions unless it serves a greater purpose, aways strike at the root...

  • @ironhorse said:
    4th generation warfare as stated by the honorary father Mike Vanderboegh! When the time comes make every move count, don't waste time and resources fighting unworthy minions unless it serves a greater purpose, aways strike at the root...

    That's good advice.

  • @ironhorse said:
    4th generation warfare as stated by the honorary father Mike Vanderboegh! When the time comes make every move count, don't waste time and resources fighting unworthy minions unless it serves a greater purpose, aways strike at the root...

    good stuff, i just recently started really reading his stuff onthe sipsey street blog..the guy was a genius in alot of ways.

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