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House dems introduce Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

“The legislation would make it "unlawful for a person to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic assault weapon."

However, the ban wouldn't apply to semi-automatic weapons that were "lawfully possessed" when the measure went into effect.”



  • What are the odds it passes?
  • This latest push is by far more concerning than any previous I can recall. I'm going to guess few here are fans of the NRA, but I am pushing everyone I know that appreciates the right to own and carry one, to join up with the NRA. There is power in numbers and the NRA is going to spend bank on lawyers to keep our rights intact.
  • Has anyone associated with these bills ever asked the question of.... "How in the hell does your bullshit ban do any damn good if you don't include those that are already out there in the hands of the people?" Last time yall did the same kinda bullshit ban ('94-'04), I bought my first STORE BOUGHT AR called a "Pre-Ban" a few weeks later. All you are doing is fluffing the feathers of your anti-gun bunny voting clan, making them feel all warm and fuzzy inside while making them LESS safe. How are you making them LESS safe? Well smart guy, think a little bit here, I've NEVER heard an anti-gunner say, "Ban guns and CLOSE THE BORDERS." You only ever whine about how racist gun owners are when they ask you to close them. Never once does it cross your damn minds that if you ban our SEMI-AUTO rifles that not only us (now illegal folks) would be buying, but, so would the thugs, every FULL-AUTO AK-47 that made it across the border in the hands of a foreign dealer. Then you truly WOULD have weapons of war on our streets. Y'all think it can't happen here cause you're living in a fantasy world where one shot is all you need. Hey stupid, Bailey Cope called her mother with a bullet in her damn head before dying with her mother on the phone. One bullet rarely does the job. Her boyfriend, yup, had a round in his face when he called HIS mother, he's still here to tell you to "fuck off" when you tell him you gonna ban HIS future right to self defense. So do what you will, say what you must, pass whatever laws you deem necessary, cause till YOU are ready to go on a MASSIVE SHOOTING SPREE yourselves, you ain't getting our damn guns, period.
  • There has been a few states that passed bills saying they will ignore federal gun laws if they're unconstitutional.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially entered in house. H.R.5087


    They seriously want all the guns. Doubt it makes it out of judiciary committee like the one entered by Feinstein last year but it’s worth watching.

    It would be great if we could get all patriots and gun owners to march on their state and the federal capital. 600k hunters in Wisconsin alone. Over the entire US hmmmmmm. Voices would have to be heard.
  • We need to disarm the Capital Police, Local Police, Fed Agents, and Protective Details. It seems like only Private Citizens can be trusted w firearms....you know, the way that the Constitution was WRITTEN!!!!
  • I'm trying not to sound all Wild Turkey this this morning, but to quote a Stallone movie" you send that many men in there, then you better send a lot of body bags"
  • Taurarious wrote: »
    It would be great if we could get all patriots and gun owners to march on their state and the federal capital. 600k hunters in Wisconsin alone. Over the entire US hmmmmmm. Voices would have to be heard.
    They STILL wouldn't care. Only if they get enough Kick-backs to allow us to retain our Rights.

    As long as they retain THEIR private armies, they don't give a DARN about Joe Public. :'(
  • It’s high time they realize joe public is bigger than any standing army. The point is they know we outnumber them. They just don’t believe we can be unified under a common goal.
  • they might actually get it this time....... its gonna be a bumpry ride homies
  • Tackleberry; you, me, Red Dirt, WR, we’re all in Texas, our ride won’t be quite as bumpy as the others.

    BTW, Happy Texas Independence Day! I’m gonna drink some Revolver Beer, eat some good BBQ or get a Whattaburger or Grumps burger, and go shooting the weekend away. It’s gonna be a 300WM to 2000yds kind of weekend. That and maybe run a few 3Gun stages. My line may not be obvious or “close”, but I’ll be ready when it’s crossed.
    900 x 599 - 151K
  • CORRECTION: I mis-quoted a name in my last post, I had both students on my mind while typing, I typed Bailey Cope, her name was Bailey HOLT, Preston Cope was his name.
  • When is this bill gonna go up for A vote?
  • Not sure. Could be week could be never. It’s been sent to the house judiciary that usually where these democrats gun grabs end their life. I have a Congress.gov account for updates so if I hear anything I’ll let ya know
  • Cool, thanks man.
  • Bumping because this NEEDS to stay on your Radars!
  • Anything new?
  • Nothing new on this one but they added more co-signers to s2095

  • They also updated the summary of HR4918


    All 3 of these need to be watched very closely
    edited March 7
    Oregon just passed a bill that expands on thier gun confiscation one from last year, it makes it so more misnomeners will get your rights taken away and more people can report you And have your rights stripped. On the other hand Oregon's anti gun bill on banning trigger modifications and hi cap mags failed big time.
  • How long do you think it is before so meoje challenges that law.
  • The last AWB was up before I was out of middle school so I don't remember paying attention to anything to do with it but im curious, was the days leading up to the last AWB similar to what we are seeing now? Was there any turmoil between the feds and any of the pro gun states?
  • Well sonny as faaaaaarrr back as I can remember it actually came as a major shock that it passed, we all really believed falsely that it wouldn't so when it did there was a mad scramble to buy up what you could and prices went INSANE and stayed that way !

    Imagine well used surfaced rusted surplus AK mags having a limit on how many that you could buy and going for $50.00 each !!!

    That is what you have to look forward to if it does pass, only there will not be a sunset clause and that will be that.
  • I really hope that will be most people's "line" if so.
  • edited March 11
    You young guys REALLY need to buy a copy of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES and read it all the way through. It is expensive but when you consider that you are paying for some major knowledge here you will see that it wasn't only money well spent for yourself, but for your children as well , just remember that it was not only written to inform but to shock you very hard to your core with real life events many of you have never considered.
    I have one on my bookshelf, that should tell you something.....

    RFP for Unintended Consequences by John Ross Audio Book

    The Question Only You Can Answer (An Excerpt from "Unintended Consequences")

  • Looks good thanks PM, maybe you could do a recomended reading for threepers thread sometime? Because of the seriousness of this topic , I don't want to derail this thread anymore though.
  • http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/12/doj-announces-actions-to-improve-school-safety-enforce-gun-laws.html
    So the age thing wasn't a very popular idea and Trump backed off but it sounds like he's trying to have his jackboot henchmen goto work and label bump stocks as machine guns.
  • Jwf. Won’t happen. Best they will be able to do is regulate the accessibility of the accessories more. In order to get them classified as a machine gun they would have to change the definition of machine gun on the books and doing so is next to impossible because null
    it has to be uniformly agreed upon.

    In order for a fire arm to be considered a machine gun, a mechanical adaption to the lower receiver and firing mechanism have to allow for repeated fired rounds with a single trigger pull. Since the bump stock only increases the rate at which a trigger is pulled it does not fall under the category. This is why regulation of these will be difficult. They ban bump stocks by using the definition of bump stock and someone will find a way to redesign something similar that falls just outside of definition therefore outside of regulation. They will have their tails on this and the smart ones know it.
  • It wouldn't bother me so much if they did pass all these anti-gun bills. I believe that an anti-gun bill of this magnitude would finally be enough of a line crossing in the sand to get many, many folks motivated enough to do what should have been done almost a century ago. Kill the tyrants.

    Most likely, little bits of the gun grabbing will happen. Just enough for the NRA fanboys to justify, just enough for the reasonable citizens to swallow, and just enough for the hardcore patriots to do nothing, but talk about the "new" line in the sand.
    Let me be the first:

    "yeah, they can have the bump stocks, you know, because in a real fire fight, full auto (simulated) fire, is less accurate than 3 round burst or semi auto. Furthermore, they just are not as reliable, as it is a technique rather than a mechanical function. With that said, my line in the sand is now firm here, and I dare the government and it's goon to step a hair past this new line."

    HA !!!

    To all those in love with the constitution. How does the BATFE get to make new law, (through determination letters) without those in congress voting and the executive rubber stamping it ? Seems like not only a perversion of the constitution, but it's down right illegal, not to mention immoral. Last time I checked those people that work in the ATF crafting these new laws which they call, administrative rules, were not even elected officials. How would you like the guy behind the register at your local gas station telling you what you can or can't do ? No fucking difference, yet that is the TRUTH of the matter.
  • I have to agree Bh99, it should have picked from the vine a long time ago, it is over ripe and ready to burst open.
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