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A storm is coming, brothers. Are you ready?

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A nation divided cannot stand.


The Coming Division
Ideas are dangerous things. They frighten the people in power, who must always guard against rebellion. Those in power will defend that power with all necessary force, which leads them inexorably into the territory of tyranny, however softly applied, there is the understanding that the severity of their defense will increase as these ideas that threaten their power become more prevalent.

If this sounds cryptic, it should not. Here is an idea that they are not going to like. The two people of this nation divided along ideological lines of liberty and communism can never again be reconciled. The divisions are marked by a map of the counties that voted for Trump and those who voted for Clinton.

The biggest reason that these two sets of voters cannot live together has more to do with the known fact that the people who voted for Clinton were willing to elect a vastly corrupt and criminal person in order to pursue their goal of collectivism. Those who voted for Trump did so more to eliminate Republican candidates that were in clear collusion with the Clinton criminal gang, than out of admiration for the man himself.

These are politics being played at a much more sophisticated level than the MSM is willing to concede, or they would have answered by now the question that seems to frustrate them the most: Why did the people elect Trump? Actually, they are really trying to figure out how Clinton could have lost given the ample support and positive media she received, the millions of dollars and illegal support she obtained from the FBI, CIA, NSA, DNC and foreign governments and individuals.

This is what our politics will be from this point forward: corrupt. Those who voted for Trump are being eliminated, their votes diluted by illegal immigrants, their lives harassed by constant opposition from BLM, Antifa and other Soros-funded chaos creators. Their history will be destroyed and their cries for justice ignored.

Look at the map, all those red swaths reduced to nothing by the few concentrated blue patches. This is intolerable, unjust and criminal.

I no longer care about justification. For the longest time I used this blog to reach out to fence-sitters to encourage them to get off of it and to get on our side, the side standing for justice, freedom of speech, privacy and the right to defend ourselves, or alter the government. There are many others that read this blog that do not need to be encouraged, who have been there the whole time. Okay. It's time to start putting some effort into it.

The one thing I know is this: no one will ever see our actions as being legitimate. We will always be uneducated, poor racists lashing out at progress and the advancement of humanity. The truth is foreign to them and arguing to make them see the truth and legitimacy of our stance is useless. Accepting that is the first step to creating this division in the nation that must take place. Unless you choose to be ruled by the blue patches in the map above, it is time to reject it along with the current construct of the United States of America. It has run its course. It was an experiment in self-government that has had the end that de Toqueville foresaw.

We have bloodsuckers bleeding the citizens dry, going in debt, then, when they are called on their malfeasance and criminality, they simply import other citizens who do not understand their rights or even care about anything other than government hand outs. They import slaves to the government to overwhelm those who create the food and fuel and vote against the interests of the producers. They implement their coup through the ballot box until they convince themselves that keeping up the illusion of voting is pointless and counter-productive. (look for that as soon as a Democrat wins the presidency again)

If you are still on the fence, stay there. If you can see what is happening and detest it, get ready. Things are about to change.


  • Locked and Loaded Brother....

    Sitting on the Fence Hurts My Ass... B)
  • Got me a poncho, let er rain.
  • It is very obvious up here in the pnw.

    Pockets of conservatives and the government controlled by communist. There is even a stautue of Lenin in Seattle. WTF right?

    I have went to some of the conservative rally’s in the area. The hate is out of control. YouTube patriot prayer rallies.

    Even most of my coworkers are fuck tard liberals.

    I see the divide as slowly growing bigger and bigger. Sad part is there is very few solutions outside of a straight up rebellion of the liberal controlled government.

    Do I see some non violent solutions yes.
    Most are a difficult road and will take money and political support.
  • Black, even with Trump in office, and LP hit it on the head, we voted him in to drain the swamp as it were, the liberals are still the biggest threat to America and our Freedom. Until this complete INSANITY that the libs are trying to push through is met with force and ended, NOTHING will change. We don't have money or political support much anymore and what we do have is too scarce to be relevant. A straight up rebellion is exactly what is needed. Just my 2 cents.
  • hell no, Im not ready.. after becoming homeless for awhile, I had actually gotten my preps up through the holidays....a few non perishables. a decent ammo cache, transportation(a truck and a bike) all that....now I have to start all over
  • Black5heep wrote: »
    It is very obvious up here in the pnw.

    Pockets of conservatives and the government controlled by communist. There is even a stautue of Lenin in Seattle. WTF right?

    How has that thing not been dragged through the streets by a drunken tow truck driver by now?
  • a couple of thoughts on this....and some of what I say is going to be a repeat of what a youtuber called the patriot nurse.....Trump has proven his true colors with what he said on the gun control thing....oh and he accidently told the truth to the gun grabbers about the NRA...he told them "the NRA aren't who you need to worry about". anyone who truly at any point believed that trump was a constitutionalist who respected our rights....share what you smoking, homie. but what really scared me more than trump, was the sheer insanity of trump haters. I mean , I have never in my life seen a political movment with that energizer energy like the trump hate thing...I saw occupy, tea party, I was part of the ron paul thing, but this shit is weird. the flipside of that though, is so many people are abandoning the left. Rosanne barr, a lifelong liberal, is a trump supporter, so is gun grabber peirs morgan......what scares me the worst about trump is that his opposition is SO violent and SOOO crazy that otherwise liberty loving people will aquiese to him if he starts violating rights.
  • It's the lower level Dems that are going to pay the price and the idiots refuse to see it because they still think that they have the real power .
  • Anybody remember this stuff ?

    Civil War And The Litmus Test - "Will you shoot Americans?"
  • Tackleberry, she's pretty cool, she's got the right youtube name.
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    Boy will I enjoy watching this storm. Trump is more aware of how deep the corruption really goes than we are giving him credit for. Reagen(he did what he could) , Bush 1 and 2, W.J. Clinton and Obama knew as well, Eisenhauer and JFK warned us about it. For that matter both the Congress and the Senate have known (they passed the legislation), They all knew and profited from it. This corruption is also embedded deep into the state governments as well.

    I think we need to look at what Trump is doing behind the scenes. For HIS storm he has basically re-written the UCMJ to streamline the military tribunals to expedite the upcoming trials for treason and other crimes. Guantonimo Bay has been gearing up to receive a massive influx of prisoners. Trump intends on using the National Defense Authorization Act to arrest the traitorous enemies domestic and foreign. From what I have found, there will probably be only about 12 to 14 members of the House of Representatives remaining in office, Trump himself will most likely step down (V.P. Pence will probably be arrested) and new elections (instead of the midterm elections) will be held both State and Federal.

    I have posted the Liebor Code before and no one paid attention, you would be well served to actually read and understand it. http://avalon.law.yale.edu/19th_century/lieber.asp Ever since 1866 we have been under the Liebor Code and what it says is what it is, the INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF ARMIES OF THE UNITED STATES IN THE FIELD (Martial Law). The ZIP code is a designation of a military district under the Liebor code congressional record 1864.

    When this storm hits the left will explode and likely start a civil war. Get yourselves educated in common law and form Committees of Correspondence/Safety locally, just as our founding fathers did and made use of them up until the 1789 constitution. There are several groups trying to establish these committees. Here are a couple of groups forming them Oathkeepers, National Liberty Alliance and THREE PERCENT REPUBLIC

    GOD Bless Brothers and See you on the other side
  • Damn Barrett, I Certainly Hope You Are Wrong...

    However, You Have been Correct Far Too Many Times in the Past to Ignore This Post.

    Thank You...

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    Hope he's wrong all you want, but, know in your heart that he ain't far off track. I mean good gravy, ole boy writing that lieber code thingy knew what a SCOUT is long before my GG Grand Pappy landed on these shoes! ;)
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    It is looking like the storm has begun! I spent most of this afternoon checking in on Q Anon and the many youtube translators. I appears that it has already started, the troops on the southern border are there to cut off the flow of weapons, intel, money and human smuggling (sex slave trade).

    There are dozens of people on youtube translating Q anon's posts on 4 channel and 8 channel, here are just the last two I visited;

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    There are over 19k indictments involved with corruption with in the pedophiles, government, Banks and Judiciary the first to be unsealed (listed on Pacer)also contain the Uranium 1 scandal URANIUM 1 indictments starting to be unsealed here's the first.
  • Indictments now number 24k plus.

  • Also note the unpressadented number of high profile resignations over the last year. There is a list on 8chan in Q stuff. Can find the lists on Twitter and Reddit also.
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