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Scientists Warn: Brain-Wasting ‘Zombie Deer Disease’ Could Spread To Humans

Well shoot , what are all of those urban preppers who plan on Bugging Out to the high wild wooded places like were I live going to do now ?
What I mean is we have all heard how those types believe that they will just live off of all of those happy little Bambi's prancing around up yonder, well I guess that this will be putting a real damper on their "food storage" plans ehhh ???

But on a more serious note, you all should read this article and follow any and all safety measures that are recommended .


Scientists Warn: Brain-Wasting ‘Zombie Deer Disease’ Could Spread To Humans

Deer across North America have been dying from a disease which attacks their nervous system gradually destroying it. And now scientists are concerned that this brain-wasting “zombie disease” could spread to humans.

Chronic wasting disease, or “zombie deer disease,” was first observed in 1967 in Fort Collins, Colorado, and has since infected wild herds in 24 states and Canada, as well as in South Korea and Norway, NPR reported. “CWD passes from animal to animal through prions, misfolded proteins that cause other proteins to misfold around them,” NPR reported. “Different prion diseases tend to only harm certain species, but can evolve to overcome those limitations.”

In some herds, as many as half of the animals carry prions. But direct contact isn’t the only way prions are transmitted. According to the New York Times, sick animals and cadavers can spread prions through plants and soil, which could be coated with deformed proteins for years, perhaps even decades. An animal infected with the disease can live for up to two years before showing any signs of symptoms, such as a vacant stare, thick saliva, exposed ribs, or drooping heads.

There have been no reported human illnesses due to the disease, and scientists don’t have conclusive evidence that the infected meat has ever harmed people, suggesting a “species barrier” between humans and deer.

“While most research shows there’s a robust species barrier, this recent study showed that barrier might not be quite as robust as we once thought,” Matt Dunfee, head of the Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance in Fort Collins, Colorado, told NPR. Researchers led by Mark Zabel, associate director at Colorado State University’s Prion Research Center, found that macaque monkeys who ate infected deer contracted the disease. This is the first time the disease was shown to spread to a primate through the ingestion of infected meat.

Zabel and his team also found that the prions involved in the “zombie disease,” which scientists have only known about for 50 years, are probably still evolving, “which leads us to believe it’s only a matter of time before a prion emerges that can spread to humans,” NPR reported.

Mad Cow disease, for example, is a prion disease that rooted from scrapie, a deadly disease that afflicts sheep. Once the prions were passed to cows, the cows developed a prion disease of their own (mad cow disease). And when humans ate the beef from those sick cows, they developed prions in their own brains. As of 2016, according to the Food and Drug Administration, 231 people had died from the condition. -AJC

In an interview with The New York Times, Zabel said he believes the only way to stop CWD is by utilizing controlled burns. “There’s a lot that we still don’t know and don’t understand about the disease,” Zabel also said.

Dunfee told NPR, “if you are hunting in an area where CWD is found, have your animal tested. If it comes back positive, don’t eat the meat.”


  • In Texas if a deer is found to have CWD, the entire herd is eradicated. Our HOA is controlling the population to prevent diseased deer from overpopulation, and we had the local game warden come in and enlighten us on why is not a waste of money if we want to see deer on our orchard and along the river.

    In WV, at least when I left, they were eradicating infected herds there when they were found. Extermination hunts and creamated the carcasses.

    It’s not something anyone wants left unchecked.
  • I get that communities that don’t have widespread problems with this don’t want it spread but I will say this. No different from Mad Cow Disease. Eating the meat thoroughly cooked reduces the risk of prion ingestion. Also it is recommended to hang the deer for a minimum of 7 days with the neck down. I say neck down because you should remove the head immediately and if you think there is an issue with CWD turn it into the DNR as they will test and confirm.

    Since 1967 this has been an issue in Colorado. Over the last 12-15 years it’s been a problem in Wisconsin. And as it says it’s a global problem. Yet not one single human has even fallen ill from infected meats. We all have a better chance of getting shot in the face by a nun wearing a g string bikini at a Muslim temple while she eats bacon than contracting CWD.

    Biggest thing would be no head cheese. If you don’t want the disease don’t eat the disease. It is relegated to the brain therefore that is where the highest concentration of the prions exists.
  • Damm. One more thing in have to keep my head on a swivel for. A nun in a string bikini at a Muslim temple.
  • Sounds like antifa already ate the infected deer.....
  • What I have been hearing this past several months here was what they were calling blue tongue disease.
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