While the site is going through updates you may notice slow downs in page loads and other glitches through out the pages. If something seems to not be working correctly wait a few minutes and try again. If the error persists message taurarious using the forum or email him at Taurarious@threepercenters.org so that he knows an issue exists.

Site work

I will be performing a lot of work on the site in the coming weeks. at times this could make the site a bit buggy. I do not wish to sacrifice user experience so im asking you. would you rather have a set time and day for me to lock the site in admin mode and perform changes unincombered, or do you wish to take the risk that on occasion the site may piss you off for a few minutes. Before any major changes that could have a negative impact on the site i will always give a minimum of 24 hour notice. please sound off so I know what you guys would prefer.




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  • Okay so some may wonder this is great and all but how do i start a new discussion. simple. click the little plus sign in the blue circle to the lower right corner of the page and walla.

    you may also notice that as you scroll down a page a faint up arrow appears in the lower left of the page. clicking this will return you directly to the top of the page.
  • Good things are worth waiting for and “suffering” through issues.
  • Chat application has been eliminated, it was clumbsy and tough to deal with. I am working on coding a new chat window. currently you will see it populate on the bottom of the screen. It will eventually have its own location, and as of right now leaving any page will wipe the chat for you. I am looking to figure out how to keep conversations from scrubbing for at least an hour. This keeps the chat relegated to small size and also doesnt affect anyone whom does not wish to use it.
  • Do what you need to do whenever you need to do it Taurarious.
  • well im done for the day, ill let you monkeys play for a little bit and i do want constructive feedback. things you would like to see and such.
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    I was looking for the old Threepercenter youtube that was posted in our forum a couple of years ago, it featured the speaker in a bandanna mask and the stars and stripes behind him as he explains about the movement. I have yet to find it, any of you have is down loaded?

    I think it was this one,

    I also foun this one among many youtubes.
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    Search 4th of July patriot.

    Sorry july4patriot
  • New Theme and functionality look good.

    I'd rather be upset for a few minutes to answer OP. That's better than a LockDown. (emojis don't seem to be draggable now.)
  • New Theme and functionality look good.

    I'd rather be upset for a few minutes to answer OP. That's better than a LockDown. (emojis don't seem to be draggable now.)

    Thanks for the info. I’ll take a look at emojis. They haven’t been my big focus today as you may see.

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