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Wow, just, wow.

http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/15/david-buckel-prominent-gay-rights-lawyer-burns-himself-to-death-in-new-york-to-protest-global-warming.html I'm sorry, I just don't understand. What was your point again? You protest global warming by adding to it? Not sure I'm seeing your logic forming here. First off, I personally have zero compassion for suicide. Anybody in my opinion that's to pussified to fight the good fight all the way to it's natural end doesn't belong on this field of battle anyway, Adios. Secondly, this act makes me wonder if global warming is a conspiracy created to convince folks to off themselves. Now, I'm actually LESS concerned with the topic than I was before, great protest there buddy, really achieved your objective didn't you?


  • I actually encourage and support this type of Leftist activism , as a matter of fact we should all encourage them to lead by example , especially when it comes to those who are passionate believers in over population . :D


  • Hahaha! Chappy! ROFLMAO!!!!! :D :D :D
  • He picked a day when the High Temp was 42*F. LMAO. All that darn Global Warming!

    He probably got snubbed by one of his Twink gay lovers. Or didn't want to go through Chemo or HIV or whatever treatment.

    He isn't able to accept Responsibility for himself and his own Actions, so he sues others to blame them. Then, in the End, he doesn't want to face life anymore, so he blames a Phantom and those who don't ENTHUSIASTICALLY support his Lifestyle.

    How typical, and pathetic!
    BTW: great vid PM. I've only heard the Ozzy version. This was really cool to see and hear someone else's interpretation. It's also easier to understand the Lyrics w this vid.
  • I lived near that park last winter for a few months.
    It's hard to imagine a neighborhood more opposite of what we are.
    But I kept it real.
    I did a few rucks in the park and saw this historical marker. I left one of our business cards, so those freaks will know that there was still at least one patriot in Brooklyn!
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • That version of the song is actually the original "FIRE" by Arthur Brown (1968) , I had the 45 as a kid (remember those and the hole adapter ) .
    As usual, I am more then happy to make some of you cold blooded bunny killers chuckle , even if just a tad. :D :D :D
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