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Don't let the door hit ya.....

This lady whom I've never even heard of doesn't feel safe in America. Her children will be abused by all the evil, racist hillbillies in certain "areas" of this nation. She wants her adopted children to "feel safe" growing up. So, she wants to move to a nation where slavery is still tolerated by the "anti racist", "non-tyrannical", warlords that control specific areas in said nation. I say, "Adios, don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, sorry, but, I won't miss ya." http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/04/13/charlize-theron-considers-leaving-america-because-racism-trump-administration


  • Let me call you a cab ...
  • YEAY! She can move back to her home country where the Gov't has called for the Genocide of ALL WHITES. Hurray! :o
  • CIAO BABE !!!

    Wait who are we talking about ? HAHAHAHAAHA .......obviously I think that I can live the rest of my life without her Leftist ideals blocking my idiot box .
  • I can't even remember the last movie she was in.
  • Wait, she was on t.v.? :o
  • Leave, Whore.
  • Well, I'm not sure that a desire to leave exactly qualifies her for such a classy title, but, she's welcome to disperse. I think any woman with the desire to use the gifts their creator granted them as a means of pursuing happiness should be allowed to do so. After all, I choose to pursue my happiness in my own ways as well. I don't have to agree with THEIR choice, I just have to respect their right to make it.
  • Is that really why you needed a shoulder replacement and just blamed it on the deer ?
    You were pursuing happiness a little too aggressively ehhh ??
  • Lol, no, actually I was being a good boy and heading to my revenue production facility to keep other classy titled individuals in business. Hahaha! Gotta keep FICA in fine clothing. Lol
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