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Armoring the future.....

Y'all gotta check this out. http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/04/09/new-foam-armor-for-tanks-can-pulverize-enemies.html If this stuff does what they say and it gets implemented, it's a whole new battlefield. For those who haven't noticed, the world is in another arms race, I can't wait to see the weapons invented to defeat this tech. Yup, I likes the bang bang toys! :D


  • Maybe a laser on the Warhead tip to burn through it prior to contact? :/
  • They're claiming that Metal Foam is "Revolutionary New" Material. It's been around AT LEAST since the 1960s. It was used as mesh packing in some Suppressors.

    I'm curious what they've improved. The problems before were bulk and wear. Yes, it's light, but the 3D depth makes it bulky. That's how Composite was considered a success. It sandwiched different materials in layers.

    This foam would be a great outer layer for grinding and slowing projectiles, but it still needs backed by solid plates. Also, Kevlar/SpectraShield/etc are even LIGHTER weight. Though they don't evaporate projectiles.

    Maybe this can provide an additional layer for Static Defense targets like pillboxes/ships/tanks. I've often wondered why the Germans didn't use a layer of ceramic bricks over their tank Armor. It would have absorbed and dissipated energy as well, been lighter than steel and given protection against HEAT and HESH rds.
  • Once again they fail to make a laser guided napalm shark.
  • Well it is believed by many people that the Government , or rather SPECIAL PROJECTS groups within the government ( DARPA) are using and working on technology that is anywhere from Ten to Fifty years more advanced then what is currently being used in the public marketplace.

    That is how we managed to build the EARTH DEFENSE FORCE space fleet without the average Joe catching on to us .
    Ummmmmm, you didn't hear that from me..... oh there is a knock at the door, I wonder who it could be ??? B) B) B) B)

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