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Air strikes he's taking place in Syria

So the story goes, USA launching attacks against Assad, no joke, this is a delicate situation. Waiting to see where Russia puts its chess pieces.



  • Didn't they just say the other day that we would be pulling our boys out of Syria? Im confused.
  • Yes, that's what lends the Conspiracy Theory angle so much weight. A gas attack just after the USA said that we're leaving.

    Also, I heard that it was an Israeli attack. That Assad blamed the wrong nation at 1st.
  • No gentleman, this is now an official pissing match...things are going to explode.

  • Pissing Match? Sounds like they need a room in the Moscow Hilton. :p >:)
  • As much as scammy has been saying, "He, she, we, me, you, I and himself, have all been working with the Russians getting ANYBODY elected!" I'm kinda surprised that we ain't been nuked, yet.
  • Reports US killed up to 200 Russians in latest Syrian attack...

  • Well, one thing about it, if we're smacking Russians in the face, we can't be called bullies anymore for picking fights with wimpy folks. When you walk right up to the biggest asshole in the bar, smack him and call him a bitch, he has two choices, he can sit there and be a quiet little bitch, or, he can stand up and whip your ass. Russia is one big ole corn fed hillbilly. If you're gonna go, do it with a smile! Hahaha!
  • Strikes have been launched. This is currently live:
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    A friend of mine who is Russian just told me that Russia is deploying Topol m systems to Syria. Haven’t been able to find anything about it so not sure if it’s true as of yet.
  • ..............So, how many of you listened to me and some others on here and stocked up on your magazines , ammo , water purification devices and food storage when it was cheaper and easier to get ???
  • One of my news feeds just said Russia threatens to torpedo a US war ship.

    Looks like bad days ahead
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    Alex Jones is sooooo p***ed off right now that he is carrying on about how if Trump ever calls him again he is going to tell him to...." GO S**K A C**K !!!
    And he is really going off even more now !
    OMG this is nuts ....

  • Yeah I’m watching AJ too and it’s pretty nuts
  • Saw this on twitter
    1242 x 2208 - 839K
  • Stupid Twitter junkies! Yeah, smart, tell one of the OTHER 2 tough kids in class that doesn't like you when and where you sleep. "Doh! Let's tell the russkies when and where a LARGE naval group will be leaving for possible contact with THEM. That'll spook 'em!" Ummm, hey dumbasses, you just told the enemy that the homeland is not CURRENTLY being protected very well. I will say, I wish this "establishment" had their Twitter accounts in their asses crossways.
  • This is right after Alex went off and said what I already told you he said about Trump before they re-edited and took out the vast majority of the cursing insults.

    Alex Jones Has Profanity Laced Meltdown Over Trump's Strikes in Syria
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    This is interesting and somewhat relevant, they are finding the toxic chemicals that killed the Russian agent and his daughter ends up not being of Russian origin. If you remember, this is what lead up to the world's Russian embassy being cleared out and sent home. Kinda a slap in the face of your innocent. Feels like there is a pre planned itinerary at work here, but I get pulled into conspiracies pretty easily.
  • Lmao. It's not funny but it is.
  • Looks like we need to evict the UK Ambassador and shut down the FBI and CIA. Along w the Terrorist IRS, we'd end 93% of Major Crimes in America. (sad lol) :'(
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