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even bill maher thinks hoggy hogg is wrong

look, I know bill maher is an asshole that says a bunch of dumb shit, but I'm tellin you, in some ways I cant help but like the son of a bitch...he does stick on his principles, as fucked up as they are....like he is a evangelical atheist, but unlike a lot of em, he talks shit about islam as well as Christianity. that's one example
here is his take on hoggy hogg


  • A broken clock is right twice per day. o:)
  • Ummm, I think he's closer to a 24-hr clock. LOL. :D Just teasing. o:)

    Also, I'm disgusted that the NY AG is calling Laura a "Horrible Person." I don't like her, nor listen to her often, but HE'S the filth! How DARE he call ANYONE else ANYTHING negative!
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