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For all of you who are thinking about moving to Colorado

Not sure if any of you guys have heard of BillyLand but they list really cheap land for sale and one of the best parts is that you don’t have to go through a bank to buy land from them. Might try talking my dad into goin in halfsies with me on some land out there. There’s a bunch of cheap mountain land for sale if any of y’all are interested: http://www.billyland.com/Colorado-Land-for-Sale/Auctions


  • I seriously looked into buying down there years ago, and so we bought where we are now instead of down there. Here is a little info that you should be aware of.......

    WARNING! Do NOT Move to Costilla County if you are NEW and LOW INCOME

    Dont Go There! Costilla County Update 2017 - Off Grid Living (Podcast)

    The 10 Worst Cities In Colorado Explained

  • I like these two companies and these are the only two that I ever recommend .



    This is a great organization out here where I live, they are given unimproved mountain properties up here in exchange for a tax receipt , and the proceeds are all going towards building a Community Center to benefit the our little mountain area.

  • That auction site looks like great deals, but I don't know what the final price is... I really want 32-40 acres, not seeing anything close to thst, am I missing something or do they only deal with small plots?
  • Those type of sites do deal in larger tracts just beware of those low low prices when it's an auction, because most of the time that winning bid that you had turns out to be just the down payment on a MUCH LARGER CHUNK OF CHANGE PLUS INTEREST AROUND 30 %.

    Read all of the fine print first before bidding . Also down in the SLV you can be DENIED a well permit along with many other permits just because the locals are trying to keep OUTSIDERS from actually putting down roots, that's why I moved where I did.
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