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Stocking Up: US Gun Sales on Record Spree

source: http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/background-checks-for-gun-sales-shatter-march-record/

Background Checks for Gun Sales Shatter March Record

Background checks for gun sales shattered a record in March while celebrities and Parkland gun control activists pushed for more restrictions on Second Amendment rights.

The previous record for March was 2,523,265 background checks in 2016, but FBI numbers show there were 2,767,699 background checks in March 2018.

There were 19 consecutive months wherein background check records were broken during the Obama administration. That string of record months began with May 2015 and ended with November 2016. Every month a record was set regarding background checks for that particular month.

The number of background checks declined from record numbers by 500,000 in December 2016. But Breitbart News pointed out that even with the 500,000 decrease, December 2016 remained one of the top three Decembers of all time. Only December 2015 and 2012 surpassed it.

Background checks have not been moving at a record-breaking pace during the Trump administration, and this was largely believed to be the result of a lack of any real threat of gun control. Then came the February 14 Parkland school shooting–and the gun control activism that followed–and Americans had reason to fear more laws once more.

On March 28, 2018, Breitbart News predicted that the Parkland gun control activists would drive Americans toward the Second Amendment instead of away from it. Reports of the Second Amendment Foundation’s surge in membership, skyrocketing donations to the NRA PAC during the month of February, and now, record-breaking background checks in March, bolster that prediction.


  • If the delivery man is on time, you can add one on Saturday. :)
  • I bet it's a Remington R51 ! That's why Remington is seeing all time profits these last few quarters.
  • Remington seeing all time profits, but filing bankruptcy. Hmmmmmm.
  • Well, maybe if they hadn't sold out the residents of Mayfield, Ky, and bought.... err, had that Chrysler building in Huntsville, Alabama "donated" and didn't have to pay the city of Mayfield to weasel out of their contract, they wouldn't be bankrupt. Ooops, was that out loud? :o
  • I hate to say it, but everytime that there's a mass Shooting, gun sales soar because we are afraid of the "gun Grabbers."

    So, if the Gun Lobby wanted to increase gun Sales, they only need to find these pathetic Wretches and offer them "Ghost Guns" from 3D printers.

    The 3d Printers would get the blame, and legitimate gun sales would go through the roof. Especially if the NRA and Gun Mnfrs offered Legislation to make the SALE but not OWNERSHIP illegal after a certain amount of Time. (Very devious. Tinfoil hat required.)
  • to be honest, I think it might not be in the interest of gun manufacturers, financially for the second amendment to be implemented in its purist form. a firearm is a pretty simple device, and someone with a bit of machining experience, a hobby mill and an engine lathe can churn a few out pretty easily
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