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Guys, I've mentioned this stuff before. I've never actually SEEN the product, but, I HAVE seen it's effects. Boys and girls, this stuff is NOT THE SAME as the pot your daddy keeps on the tray under his night stand! This is a hallucinogenic compound that is causing children to think playing in the street is a good idea! It has frozen lungs, it has stopped hearts, it has thrown kids off the roofs of tall buildings! Stay the hell AWAY FROM IT! When you smoke it, you've just committed the same crime as smoking pot in states where pot is still illegal, with 1 million times the risk! If you absolutely feel that you MUST get high, do yourselves a favor and smoke weed, NOT THIS SHIT! http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/2018/03/27/illinois-public-health-issues-warning-synthetic-cannabinoids/


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    In TX it's also marketed as "K2." It's illegal as Synthetic Cannabinoids. It USED to be sold at gas stations and by mail/flea market/etc. The biggest problems are unstable chemical compounds and the fact that it's sprayed on, resulting in uneven distribution. Like drinking a liter of vodka that only gives one a buzz, yet a shot of the next bottle makes you black out and miss 24hrs of time.

    To cover "designer drugs" and possession/sale of mock drugs, TX also has an "Analogue" Statute. So if you have some crumbs of candle wax that "might" be mistaken as Crack; it IS treated as Crack. :( :'(
  • Some of the effects I've seen are equal to the effects of "long term" heroine use. Only the effects take place within minutes of them smoking it. So, in my opinion, it's worse than crack or cocaine.
  • man, that k-2 shit is fucked up.....I remember one night after school I was waiting at the train station, and some youngsters offered to let me hit the blunt, and I said yeah. when I was hittin it one of the youngsters was like "be careful"....to which I replied "boy I been smoking marijuana since you was in diapers"...last thing i REmember was him sayin "pops, that aint weed".....in any case, I woke up in the county hospital.
  • Take it from Tack boys and girls, he knows that world. Just steer clear of it. It's a reason us old folks don't do certain things, and it ain't always the reasons y'all may think. Some things are just plain bad.
  • I have a friend from high school that smoked the stuff once, he had his head in a trash can for a few hours after that. I also have a friend who’s beat his usage of black tar heroin. He was a commiefornia resident, but he managed to kick it with Kratom.
  • Yeah, Tack is our Canary in the Pharmacological Coal Mine. "Just say NO!" B)
  • You don’t have to tell me to say no brother, trust me. I smoked pot once, and that was it.
  • That is why I go OLD SCHOOL in regards to my Herbal Medications..... B)
  • to be honest, I wake and bake in place of day drinking. but even with regular weed nowdays, especially with a lot of states legalizing, some of that stuff is pretty potent. in my old age Ive taken to rolling up mixed with tobacco. as far as that other shit, any of it, that shit stays in the past. Ive done and sold it all and none of it is worth a damn. all it got me in place of career and family was a bunch of crazy ass stories. I got enough trouble trying to wrassle with my drinking(although my new strategy"go buy a bunch of beer and stay your drunk ass in the house and on the computer rather than ripping and running" seems to be working pretty well.) but once you go any further than weed, you are inviting a bad mojo in your life.
  • I think that in their natural Form most Drugs are OK. It's the processing to increase: Potency, Onset of Effect, etc. that causes the Problems. Coca leaves are fine, but using ether to refine it into cakes/powder = no good. Same w Opium Gum. OK to suck on, but don't smoke or inject or turn it into Heroin. :'(
  • See, that's good info, rock on WR.
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