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Another idiot with rights.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you simply cannot make crap like this up. I'm simply appalled by this idiot's request. HOWEVER, he is correct, he DOES in fact have a right to be this ignorant. The Commonwealth, is in the wrong. And I type this post in agony as I sit here in defense of his right. Where do you stand? http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/2018/04/04/lawsuit-denial-im-god-license-plate-can-proceed/


  • Freedom of speech goes both ways....... even when they're wrong.
  • I might get a personalized plate that says sho nuff
  • "Freedom of Speech means Early Warning." It's good that Stupid People announce themselves. That way we don't have to guess.

    "Better to remain Silent and let others believe you the Fool, than open your Mouth and remove all Doubt."
  • Amen, WR.
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