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Calling ALL patriots!

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I spent the day today scouting for information and volunteers. In less than 6 hours, I visited 10 individuals, ALL 10 have expressed that their boots WILL BE on the ground on any dates chosen. I take that as a good sign. Gentlemen, I am hereby calling on ALL patriots in this nation to come stand with us as we exercise our God given rights. We are currently in the planning phase of a "Open Carry Rally" to be held in Marshall County Kentucky. For those who are unaware, this is the location of this year's first school shooting in our nation. Since this happened, our way of life has been under attack by every left leaning weasel whose voices are VERY loud. Some of these voices are being heard by our children who are being convinced that guns are the problem. It's even rumored that names such as the ACLU are involved. One thing us Kentuckians have a tendency to take pride in is watching our children become fine American men and women that love their liberty. We don't take kindly to those who would love nothing more than to strip us of that honor. The indoctrination of our youth is seen as a threat to our long history and cultural views. We will not sit idle while our rights are stripped away by individuals who have no idea why we are who we are. This rally is intended to be EXTREMELY peaceful. So, hot heads and egos should be left at home. Some of those people that we are rallying against are OUR very own children. So, it doesn't matter which side you choose, a threat towards OUR children is a threat to us. Any provocation FROM EITHER side would be met by EQUAL force, not only from those we rally against, but, those of us who rally against them, that being said, once the population is done with you, we will part way and assist Kentucky State Police, Marshall County sheriff's department, and Benton city police department in walking or carrying you down to the jail several blocks away. This is NOT a threat, it is a warning, remember, these ARE OUR biological children that we stand against. That SHOULD be enough for you to understand why peaceful assembly is OUR primary goal. We have not at this time settled on a date and time, we are currently in the planning and information gathering phase. Any permits required have NOT YET BEEN ACQUIRED. We want this by the book, our way of life is at stake. So, ALL laws in place by The Commonwealth of Kentucky will be STRICTLY enforced. I'm reaching out to all Patriots, Threepercenters, and Oathkeepers, will you stand with us? We are hoping to do this within the next 30 days. ALL information for this event will be posted here AS IT IS RECEIVED. If this event does not take place, a stand down request will be posted HERE immediately. Thank you, and Godspeed!


  • Here is the question that spawned this topic: http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/2018/04/01/paducah-man-wants-to-know-your-thoughts-on-how-to-stop-gun-violence/ Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time WE, AS A NATION, answered this man. STAND WITH US, ANSWER WITH US! He CAN'T IGNORE US ALL!
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    Here is what the ACLU has to say about Kentucky's peaceful assembly laws: https://www.aclu-ky.org/en/news/know-your-rights-demonstrations-and-protests-kentucky .... Ok, then, good to know yall's opinions on this subject. ;) ....... Kentucky Law.......... Kentucky Constitution
    Section 1
    Rights of life, liberty, worship, pursuit of safety and happiness, free speech, acquiring and protecting property, peaceable assembly, redress of grievances, bearing arms.

    All men are, by nature, free and equal, and have certain inherent and inalienable rights, among which may be reckoned:

    First: The right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties.

    Second: The right of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of their consciences.

    Third: The right of seeking and pursuing their safety and happiness.

    Fourth: The right of freely communicating their thoughts and opinions.

    Fifth: The right of acquiring and protecting property.

    Sixth: The right of assembling together in a peaceable manner for their common good, and of applying to those invested with the power of government for redress of grievances or other proper purposes, by petition, address or remonstrance.

    Seventh: The right to bear arms in defense of themselves and of the State, subject to the power of the General Assembly to enact laws to prevent persons from carrying concealed weapons.

    Text as Ratified on: August 3, 1891, and revised September 28, 1891.
    History: Not yet amended.
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    UPDATE: A meeting has been scheduled for this coming Saturday at 12:00 pm CENTRAL TIME. Multiple residents of Marshall County Kentucky will be present, at this time, the number of personnel who DEFINITELY will be present is over 20. The location of this meeting is currently set for McDonald's in Benton, Kentucky. The location is subject to change due to the number of personnel taking interest. If the location changes, it will be posted HERE immediately. The secondary location is a park a few blocks away, so, there won't be any major travel changes for those wishing to attend. If anyone else would like to attend this meeting, please, either private message me, or, openly state your intentions here. We do not want to overcrowd, or, impede their building. The purpose of this meeting is to finalize plans for time, date, and location of this rally. Thank you, Scout out!
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    Please, please, please! Men and Women of this country! The left are using our very own children as a weapon to STRIP YOU OF YOUR RIGHTS! It's NOT just a Kentucky thing, it's EVERYWHERE! Are you going to sit there on your ass and allow people with absolutely ZERO life skills, zero idea HOW to be an adult, or ZERO idea what it means to be an American be used as cannon fodder and propaganda pieces to strip you of your rights? These are OUR CHILDREN. Not only are they shooting each other at school, but, they are being INDOCTRINATED into slavery. If you sit back and allow this to continue, then you deserve the shackles they carry in their packs. Y'all read this http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/05/left-is-revved-up-about-gun-control-but-it-may-not-significantly-help-dems-in-key-midterm-races.html then think long and hard about where you stand, will you STAND with us? Or will you KNEEL before "THEM"? It's NOT JUST about the guns, our children have NO business being involved in matters they have NO experience in, WE ARE THE PARENTS, not them! Here http://www.wordcentral.com/cgi-bin/student?book=Student&va=parent is the definition https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/parent of PARENT. NOWHERE does it say, FRIEND, HOMEBOY, or SUBORDINATE. It is NOT our duty to accommodate children on their wishes, it IS OUR duty to get them safely to adulthood. OUR DUTY! Not THEIRS! ..... And folks, I would be talking out of my ass if I didn't address this http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/05/students-hold-second-amendment-rally-to-counter-walkout-pushing-for-stricter-gun-laws.html as well. As much as I Iove the fact that some of you are raising your children correctly, once again, THEY ARE NOT PAWNS to be used as a means of pushing through ANY agendas. Keep our children OUT OF IT!
  • One of my grandkids and his classmates held a walkout from school this morning in favour of gun rights and had a larger turnout than the anti-gun last week.
    I agree they aren't pawns to be used but I'm proud they did this on their own with no help from any one else. It was kinda surprise to us so called adults as we didn't know it was gonna happen. His mom wasn't happy about it at first but got over it.
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    I can understand the one's choosing to do so on their own, and I applaud both sides of the spectrum when they stand up for what they believe. It's the one's that are being provoked by outside forces that I am railing against. I should have made that a little more clear. Good catch OB, thank you. See, that right there is what makes the difference between sending the wrong message and sending the right one. That's why we need all of you to add input.
  • I understand what you're saying and agree fully. They need all the facts then the chance to figure it out for them selves not some fools agenda shoved down their throats.
  • UPDATE: The meeting today is still taking place even though we got a snow dusting. Though I expect a low turnout because of slick spots on the road. Y'all wish us luck.
  • Give 'em hell !
  • UPDATE: As I expected, it was a low turnout. However, most of those did contact their intentions. We are NOT going to hit the 30 day mark. Those who were in attendance strongly suggested Memorial Day Weekend, due to it's significance. That was unanimous, the exact day has yet to be determined. We have scheduled another meeting for next Saturday at noon, anyone Interested in attending, private message me for details. The sheriff is aware of these meetings and welcome to attend. And as we are all aware, most likely will. He was not present today as we had hoped, but, mother nature was busy this morning. Fliers and invitations are being created. We went through our lists of contacts and will be acquiring Licensed CCDW Instructors to donate their time teaching free weapons saftey lessons on the day of the rally. We have a list of speakers that we will be sending invitations to. And we've named the rally a "2nd Amendment Awareness and Education" gathering. (We kinda proud of that'n, lol) If any of y'all want in on the planning and organization of this you're welcome to attend. We will be inviting ALL local emergency response personnel. But ALL people with a love for their liberty are welcome. And Grandmas and Grampas, no excuse, we WILL as gentlemen and gentlewomen assist you with your walkers, canes, and chairs. Because WE suffer YOUR fate.
  • Damn T! BRAVO! Now get your yankee ass down here and say that out loud for us! It's some folks scurrying about need to hear THAT message loud and DAMN clear.
  • Feel free to say it as your own brother. This needs to spread. I’m pushing it everywhere I can. Viral is an understatement for my hopes to this one. It needs heard, understood, and done
  • Damn good post.
  • You won't catch me flapping someone else's yap as if it were mine. But it may end up in print signed, ....... T.
  • Do what you will my man. Do what you will. Everyone everywhere has permission to use anything I say and post anywhere unlimited with no harm done. I am not looking for anything but the word getting out.
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    UPDATE: We HAVE acquired permission to use the City Park to hold this rally. There is another meeting tomorrow at noon. One of the candidates for sheriff WILL be attending tomorrow. He has expressed interest in possibly speaking at this event. As we expected, we ran into some political opposition which done nothing more than slightly slow our progress and expose a few "shadows". Just to shed light on the darkness, we win again, the rally WILL take place IN TOWN on PUBLIC PROPERTY. Funny, some folks like the Constitution when it's in THEIR favor. ;) Still working on the music/sound guys to respond. No responses yet on other invitations. Current sheriff is supportive but, "stand-off--ish". It's an election year, all the more reason to be "STAND-UP-ISH" we told him. I'll let y'all know more after tomorrow's meeting.
  • How many people are you expecting to attend?
  • Well, as far as "boots on the ground" for the rally, we seem to be getting a good response from the public. Everyone I mention it to in passage seems extremely interested. The actual planning and grunt work is seemingly reserved to just a few of us. The meetings have been sporadic with attendance this far but most everyone is staying in contact. Between all of us thus far, we are estimating, roughly 500 so far with more taking interest each day. Once the flyers go out with all of the pertinent information, we expect a croud of roughly 1000. We still have to locate a couple of refreshment vendors willing to spend the 25 bucks for a temporary city business license for the day. We are really hammering trying to make memorial day weekend, but, certain folks would like to see this NOT take place. You'd think that they would understand that it CAN'T be stopped, only hindered, but, maybe that's the intent? Haha! So if worse comes to worse, we can push it to July 4, the "OTHER" sacred blow stuff up holiday! Lol
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    Wow. 1,000 would be great.
    Put together a five or 10 minute video of the rally, and put it on YouTube. That will help spread the message.
  • Well, our invitations list is a "purdy; one. We'll soon see who's true and who ain't locally. I'm sadly surprised in some, gladly surprised in others. Just like a battlefield, men becomes mice, and, mice become men. We just hope we don't toss our muscles out there and 5 people show up, all ANTIFA, HAHAHA!
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