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A year

Well, today is a year since I moved out of New York City.
It's been a pretty rough year.
My life has basically been a disaster. The place in Jersey I moved to is not what I had in mind, but that's what I got.
But I don't regret leaving the city.
I feel bad for anyone "like us" that is still stuck in that shit hole.
And I'm grateful that I had the means to leave.
I know some of us don't live where we want to live, and aren't able to change that yet.

It may not seem like much, but I lived in Brooklyn for my first 47 years, and moving to Jersey was a big deal for me.
It's also good practice for when I hopefully move out west in five years when I retire.

Here's what I hope to accomplish over the next year:
My AR is on the way (FUCK YEAH!), and should be here next weekend.
Once the snow melts, I'm going to sell my motorcycle and buy a truck.
Then get my hernia fixed and start exercising again.
And if all that happens, the final part of my plan is to get a press and start reloading.

If l can tick 'em all off by this time next year, I will be a hard, well armed, and well-equipped minuteman!


  • TLP, if I can ever hit one of these lotteries, I'm gonna buy some property up the road from me. It's 4500 acres of mountain land that is very secluded. Perfect for us.
  • Sweet plan brother, keep hammering.
  • You made your Plan, and stuck w it. That's what matters.

    Life isn't a Destination, it's a Journey. Many happy Trails in your Future my Brother. Hopefully out West w PM and Co. B)
  • Ya Rob! Good for you!! Get your retirement and get out West brother.
  • I feel ya bro, it was a wild one for me too...except, rather than moving out of the hood, Im back in the hood in Dallas, starting all over again
  • ^ r u in a really shitty neighborhood?

    Thanks for all the encouragement, brothers!
  • its pretty bad, but not all bad.....there are lots of hot chicks with loose morals though...that's a plus :)
  • :D
    I was just watching a video about vd in the army.
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