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HAHAHA! Suck on that, BEEOTCHES!

Well, apparently some whiny ass liberals got their panties in a wad cause Governor Matt Bevin wouldn't allow them to troll his PERSONAL Facebook page. There are approximately 600 deusche canoes that are under the impression that Matt blocking their trolling asses violated THEIR free speech. Can't make this shit up boys. Y'all read the outcome of the first court round, friggin hilarious! https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/politics/2018/03/31/matt-bevin-wins-initial-round-social-media-fight/476124002/


  • you KY boys got it going on
  • Nah, we just handle our own shit. Lol
  • I'm really beginning to like your Governor. I would possibely consider moving there if the commute isn't over two hours tho Asheville, North Carolina.

  • edited April 3
    That's our Matt, now you see why we put him in office. He's a man like most of us. He's a "true" Kentuckian. This is the same guy who told Oblowme to fuck a sand box. (Go pound sand was his exact words) He's also one of the reasons why they are hammering our way of life so hard. People don't like the painful truth, they retaliate against it. Now, you could probably make it to Eastern Ky, in a couple hours from your location, but, eastern ky, that's where we keep all of our "Uncle Dad's, Aunt Mama's, Cousin Bubba's, and Sister Granny's" you move to the KY, you may want to come further West where the family trees have more branches. Hahaha! But, eastern Ky also contains our most lethal weapons that we'd unleash on the globe if they keep a pokin' da bear. I just told you about those weapons a couple sentences ago. Y'all ever seen that movie "Wrong Turn"? Yup, Eastern Kentucky's Finest!
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