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Breaking down gun confiscation by the numbers


Gun confiscation in perspective.

Okay so with all the talk going around of gun confiscation I thought it would be good to put everything into perspective and just break it down by the numbers. Since numbers don’t have emotion, I felt this would be the best way to look at things. Both side of this argument are very passionate about their beliefs, but just how realistic is gun confiscation.

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  • Awesome article man it really puts it into perspective. Could we say though that making it more difficult to buy and sell guns via legislation in a way be a form of confiscation? Maybe not direct door to door confiscation but incremental confiscation to where years down the road a gun owner would be a rare breed? We all know that the powers that be don’t have the balls to drop the hammer down hard and even if they did they know that it wouldn’t end well so their solution to that is slow incremental confiscation because we all know that they’re in it for the long haul. Maybe we should just start calling any anti gun legislation covert gun confiscation.
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  • Once again, molon labe, in WHATEVER means they feel necessary. I'll be dead before they get mine, so, f-em.
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  • I have to assume that the top guys(and gals) at the top of the gun grabbing pyramid have at least some passing familiarity with math. So they know that when time comes for confiscation, optics are everything and it cant be seen as wholesale. They will probably try something likean "optional byback" and 2 year amnesty. they will probably at least at first confine actually going and getting guns to targets that seem like legit threats to society at large, thus avoiding coming off as universal gun grabbers. Like I can see them going into the rio grande valley under the guise of disarming and detaining suspecteded carte. members, or in Idaho, under the guise of trying to break up a skinhead meth cooking ring.
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