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question of th eday for gun grabbers

other thing that I have posted,, is if any guerilla group group even looked like it had a fighting chance to weaken Washington DC and American foreign interests, hostile nations would be lickcing their chops to arm, aid and train them. So think about this....you were so pissed off at billy ray for having his AR and were so confident you could take it cuz you believed your own hype about how easy it was going to be, you aren't just going to be dealing with him, you are going to be dealing with his new pals, Vladimir and Mustafa, and these hardd working undocumented immiggrants came over with the shirts on their backs----oh, and land mines, RPG's, mortars etc....so do you think you made the kids safer?

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  • Seeing as Servants and Shepherds Ministry is a Constitutionally founded NON-501C3 , we would be more then happy to be on the receiving end of any large truck loads of "HUMANITARIAN AID " shipments from any foreign governments , and we will see to it that it all goes to patriots in need !!! B)
  • another question for gun grabbers? Ya'll claim to be all about justice for the poor and for ethnic minorities, right? Well it is often said that laws are more heavy handedly enforced in poor and minority neighborhoods, and to a great extent this is true. So if the confiscation starts, and its Mexican landscapers getting their revolvers taken away or black gospel grandmas doors being kicked in cuz she has her late husbands garand instead of Cletus and bubba getting the shaft, are yall gonna change your tune?
  • Anti-gun laws in this Country have historically been Jim Crow in Nature.

    Just as the Drug Laws, DC wants to strip Brown-skinned People of their Rights, whether it's Body Sovereignty or Self-defense. They want us "Serfs" totally dependent upon the Gov't.

    Then they try to say that Gov't is the Solution to all Problems. When in Reality, Gov't has CAUSED most of the Problems.
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