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hoggy hogg's feelz are hurt by laura

you cant make this shit up


  • Clear backpacks violate their rights, they cry when someone repeats something they say, they use victim hood as a shield and badge of honor depending on circumstance...

    The joys of entitled youth.
  • oh...and shit is getting even better........someone at 4chan leaked emma gonzales' nudes
  • What's scary is, he is the type of scumbag that will be running for office someday.
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    danoutah wrote: »
    What's scary is, he is the type of scumbag that will be running for office someday.

    the guy is a complete fraud

  • oh, here is a bit of juicy gossip.....him and the skinhead dyk are first cousins
  • Don’t be caught looking for Emmas nudes, she is a minor according to what I’m seeing, and you know kiddie porn is a fast track to jail for conservatives, even when truly accidental or circumstantial.
  • She is 18, but there is not proof that any pictures were taken Before or after she turned 18. As Admin said, kiddie porn bad, stay away or gun confiscation becomes easy as you lose your rights
  • There are nude photos of that little turd , what is she like 15-16 years old ?

    I'm sorry guys, I just can't wrap my head around why teens do such stupid things, then again they are teenagers who think that they know all and are more grown up.

    Does that mean that they will just get dumber as they get older then since they are ohhh soooo smart now ??? Heheheheheeeee

    The older I get the more that I really despise most of the youth today......
    Leviathon is an exception to that though.

    And another thing , why isn't anyone openly jumping on the parents of these little Hitler Youth turd sucking Lefties ?
    This is what happens when as a parent you renounce your authority and choose to be a "friend, best buddies" first instead of last.
    If the kid has no respect or a healthy dose of fear for you, then they will walk over you like a dirty throw rug.
  • When I was about 16, I was much smarter than my father and grandfather.
    Then a funny thing happened.
    As I got older, they got smarter! :D
  • Nutrish has announced they are pulling their adverts from the Ingram Angle.

    First corporate sucker of a teenage tantrum.
  • Now TripAdvisor is Pulling Ads...

    How Fucking Stupid.

    I Hate that Pencil Necked, Commie Piece of Shit.
  • I honestly thought most companies wouldnt
  • edited March 29
    It's just going to be short term, they know where they make the most money and it sure isn't with a bunch of Snowflakes who still live at home with their parents .
    If I was the company or celebrity that was being boycotted I would try to band with others in the same boat and do two main things , one is that I would voice non-stop who is boycotting me , both the corporations and the personal names of their Board of Directors , at the behest of Democrat controlled snot sucking Hitler Youth .
    And second to NEVER let them come back at a later time and buy their way back into my good graces.

    I'm telling ya all, that when those in business start getting shot at or their homes set on fire in retaliation , THAT is when they will stop coddling the Left.


  • This is a short/related article, they bring up some good food for thought.
  • I don't know what you all are complaining about. Just have these Commie Kids go in person to the Sec State and renounce all of their Citizenship Rights and declare themselves mentally Unfit to make any Decisions for themselves.

    No future voting, gun ownership, DL, Passport, Free Speech, Contracts, etc.

    They are complaining that they are given too many Rights and they are Incompetent to Responsibly handle their Rights. Fine! Renounce them!

    I'll go back to a previous Post (on another Thread.) Someone needs to ask them why we should grant them 1st Amend Rights, when they are declaring themselves to be Incompetent to exercise their 2nd.

    "What makes you too incompetent to exercise you Rights Hogg? Shouldn't you be marching to renounce your 1st Amend? How about this: Just shut up. We'll BOTH be happier."
  • It absolutely amazes me that these narcassistic little bastards are standing on the dead to gain fame. I am moving into a new realm of hatred for these roundmouthed motherfuckers.
  • ^
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  • laurafucked up by apologizing.....wait till this idiot gets insulted by someone who wont back down
  • If not stopped and stopped really soon and really hard that punk is going to have a Ted Kennedy sized ego that is going to be hard to beat when it comes to these mindless Millennials who actually believe the crap that spews outta his pie hole !
  • I made a post in another group saying that this boy is going to get fed to 4chan shia labouf style
  • He's got a face that just makes you want to punch it!!!!
  • He’s going to go too far with the wrong person and get shut down or hurt.
  • I would like to see those 4chan maniacs go after him like they did shia laboof
  • ;And another thing , why isn't anyone openly jumping on the parents of these little Hitler Youth turd sucking Lefties ?" Pastor Mike Quote: admin, I have no quote button. ....... Well Chappy, some of us ARE coming down on the parents of these entitled little liberals. And when we do, the little liberals misconstrue it as an attack on the very same freedom of speech they just exhibited and cry even louder getting MORE attention of bigger cry baby liberals. Here's an example: http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/2018/03/29/local-students-face-backlash-after-speaking-out-about-gun-violence/
  • I think the grabbers might have finally found a winning strategy
  • "But, if it saves just one child! Who DOESN'T want to save kids?" ...... Yeah yeah, my guns saved two kids, stfu you child molesting gun grabbers!
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