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Why You Don't Screw With Old Men

Prank gone wrong , hahahahahahaaaa


  • OH Shit... Take That Nigga Outside....
  • Hell yeah.
    Don't mess with the older generation.
  • How do I give 1k likes to this Brotha? Hells YEAH! Knock that young Buck straight OUT! Then pull your piece on the next one!

  • Hell yea
  • I couldn't watch the video, signal sucks here. But, I had an ole codger tell me once when I was 20 and full of piss n vinegar, he says, "Son, if I whipped your ass the way my daddy whipped mine, I'd die in prison, I'm too old to serve a twenty year sentence, at least if the cops found pieces of your decaying carcass buried in various locations on my property, I'd die quickly by gunshots fighting for my freedom." He took a sip of his shine and smiled. I've NEVER forgotten that man's words. If you'd seen the look in his eyes, you would have known he meant what he said. God knows, I knew he meant it, and I NEVER picked at him again.
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