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This Whole Muslim Shit is Getting Crazy

In Germany, If You Are White, Blonde, and Christian... YOU Are Required to Conform... Total Horse Shit !!!



  • I saw that too. Germany has tried to bend over backward to atone for its Jew killing days of yore. But, what they did was fuck themselves, instead. And I bet soon, all of Europe will be no go shithole zones like Afganistan.
  • I don't understand why the good German people re-voted that fuck-bag Merkel back in?!? Had they got someone else, (ANYONE ELSE??), perhaps there would have been hope. We spent 2.5 weeks traveling through Netherlands, Belgium Germany and Switzerland and all but Switzerland was a Muslim ghetto. That was PRIOR to the immigrant flood from Syria (and a half dozen other places) it really hurt what should have be the vacation of a lifetime (I dropped 17k on it!)
  • I'm gonna be honest....I haven't come into much contact with those types muslims.....in fact, I had a muslim Iranian-American teacher get on some students' ass for not speaking English. but it seems like over there you don't have any of that
  • Yes you have Tack, the craft of deceiving your enemies with kindness is well described in the Koran. It is a gift from that child molestor hajji calls God, so, yes, you've met those types if you've met ANY Muslims.
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