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Bullet Control Bill

Debbie Snakehair Shultz and bastard Blumenthal are sponsoring a bullet registration bill, so you have to have a background check to buy rounds, because, "you don't have a right to bullets". If this passes, I don't know guys. All I can say is....it is close.


  • and I thought chris rock's "bullet control" skit was funny when it came out, because I would never haved thought anyone would seriously consider it
  • It's been tried before but failed.

    Let all of your local government critters know now that THEY are the ones that need to stop ALL of this nonsense now before they get turned on by the locales because they will be much easier to find if it does pass !
  • Just remember to give your bullets back one at a time.
  • edited March 27
    Remember "Tagints?" Tiny numbered strips inside of gunpowder.
  • So, say I want to spend an hour at the range. Go there & pay for a lane and have to come back in two weeks to get my boxes of rounds after my background check comes back?
  • GoN, don't forget the $200-$2k tax stamp, the 9-24 month waiting period, and the need to "Prove Need" to a Gov't Official.

    These pukes will stop at Nothing to subvert our Constitutional Rights. John Paul Stevens has spoken out that we should rewrite the Bill of Rights. That while MedicAid is a Human Right, our Right to Self Defence is NOT.

    These Congressional and Judicial RATS have all sworn to 'uphold and defend' the US Const. Why do we not hold them accountable for this?
  • " A man's right's rest in three boxes, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box" Frederick Douglas 1867
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