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Unexpected Surprise

Good morning to all, last night I decided to take a chance and send an email to a former CIA black ops operative. Currently, we are working out a time to speak, wish me luck!


  • If he tells you to call him " Deepthroat ", run away !!!
  • It will be an over the phone conversation, nothing more or less.
  • What is this Convo concerning?

    BTW, if they want to be called "Deepthroat," have her give ME a call. LOL

    (FYI, my Callsign is "BallsDeep.") ;) :D B)
  • Some intel I’ve come across back in 2012 if memory serves, no evidence proving or disproving it though. Check up on the old codger, and see if he plans on releasing his book in paperback form.
  • My advice? You didn't ask, but, here it is. DON'T DO IT OVER THE PHONE, make him meet with you in person. Too many things can be recorded, edited, and twisted into criminal statements. If he s who he says he is, not only will he understand, but, he'll have the testicular fortitude to show up.
  • I doubt he will come from Colorado to meet me here in GA.
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  • Barrett, resend your last.
  • Leviathan wrote: »
    I doubt he will come from Colorado to meet me here in GA.

    Colorado ???
    If he lives by me then I think that I know of whom you speak. B)

  • The one and only Cody Snodgres, he blew the lid on Waco, Nicaragua, and a few other locations I’m sure we are all familiar with 9/11.
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