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Why excuses are killing our nation!


Why excuses are killing our nation!
March 26, 2018
So while I was sitting at my desk this morning at 04:30 sorting through all the medial tasks I have to do on top of what I would consider the meat and potatoes of my job, I wondered what it is about me that separates myself from all the others that I work with. Why is it that everyone else goes through the day seemingly buried by all their work? Why does everyone else always pop off as though they are so stressed out? Why is everyone around me constantly being asked if they finished this or that? What is it that is killing the productivity of this office?

For starters, I thought about this while I was once again the only person in the office. That isn’t it though,

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  • I hated working in an office....in fact, it was worse thatn kitchen work
  • Great Article T...

    I Would Have Finished Reading It, But I Had to Go and Feed the Dogs.... :D

    All Kidding aside, Great Article...
  • Thanks. My hope is these tirades I call articles or blog posts can create some thought provocation.
  • good on you for starting a blog. I like that its deep enough to provoke thought but not so long that you have to read it 3 different times to figure out what youo want to say about it. I also hate to make excuses(I do it sometimes, we all do) and I think that's part of why people say I'm so lucky. Ive gotten out of jams I shouldn't have at work and in the street, and I think part of that luck is because if I have to suffer the consequenses, I don't whine about it.
  • As I've told kids and grandkids for years if you put in as much effort doing it as making up excuses and whining it would be done and you could move on to something else.
  • oldbull, that kind of reminds me of when my dad found out that I had did the math and figured out exactly how I could take the most 0's by averaging random numbers of test scores , different number grades for the daily work I turned in, etc
    my grades for that year were 72 the first semester and 77 the second
    it was a math class
    That was what pissed my dad off so much....he was like "you are putting in more work to underachieve"
  • You guys just described my office. These fucking slackers will spend more time trying to figure out how to avoid work than it would take to just do it.
  • Maximum effective range of an excuse?- ....... Wait for it!, wait for it!, and ........ 0 meters, feet, inches, centimeters, yada yada. Oh, and the answer to your question is, because they are lazy fu(/$ that think excuses signs their damn paycheck in Unionized Dictatorships. Not meant to offend, it's just that simple. In Right to work economies, you get your job done in an efficient manner of time, or they FIRE your lazy ass and hire Mexicans. Once again, not meant to offend, it's just a fact.
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