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Register Your AR or They Will Confiscate...OH CRAP

If You are Tired of the Slow Drip...Drip...Drip Of Our Rights Being Taken Away, Here is Proposed Oregon Initiative that Shove That Shit Right Down Our Throats...



  • Boy, they are just itching for a fight.
  • Where’s JWF? Or is that why he’s not on here lately?
  • I haven't seen him since we were ribbing him awhile back.
  • Lets say "they" decide all AR's are now banned...you CAN'T have it anymore, what is anybody going to do?
    That's when ALL militias and even military/soldiers should step up and start a civil war/revolution. I fear not much would happen to stop them other than whatever battle the NRA can can put up.
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    These are along the lines of what someone or a group could do...... movies are so violent these days......

  • I agree PM, especially on the second vid. If that ever happened to the corrupt politicians who try to undermine the constitution on a daily basis, the country would be a far better place and you wouldn't have all the crooks in government, or at least not for long.
  • Just a second Agent, I've got my Registration right here behind the door.... o:) ;)
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    That 2nd Vid is PRECISELY why the 2nd Amend exists. To insure that the Gov't is answerable to the People.

    Fed Agents weren't armed until Prohibition. Police didn't evict ppl from their Homes for "imminent Domain." And if the Police needed Armed Backup, they called forth the Citizenry. The Citizens were to maintain Order. The Police were trained in Process and a rudimentary understanding of the Laws.

    The Police were more like Arbitration, instead of things escalating to a Jury Trial. And Trials were TRULY speedy. As soon as a Judge could arrive to empanel a Jury and oversee the Proceedings. But normally things could be settled wo need for an Arrest. Just Cool Heads to prevail w an Objective 3rd Party Viewpoint. ;)
  • PM and I talked about this a few days ago. They can’t enforce it, they don’t have the man power across the state (if all LEO’s were corrupted enough to attempt such an open act of war), let alone across the country. How many officers would it take off the normal routine (traffic, state troopers, SWAT, etc.)? They could not allocate all their force to just confiscation, they would have to keep some dedicated to their regular duties. Even then, most will shy away once shit gets kinetic, that’s only IF it gets kinetic, and with enough pissed off citizens make a stand. People seem to forget the US is the last bastion of civilian private ownership of arms. Having a family of my own now, I intend to teach my six year old on a Ruger 10/22 or a Cricket 22, and my fiancé on one of the AR’s I have, following the PM armament in the family break down.
  • I'm soooooo proud of you my boy !!!

    If THEY show up at a neighbors house what is to stop citizens from just taking pot shots at them from a few houses down ?
    Not much , just one shot here and another there, and then the shooters just quietly disappear .....
    It's what used to happen up here where I live whenever the Planning and Zoning guys would show up to harass home owners. Neighbors were so outraged over some of the crap that they were pulling that people started to shoot their vehicles as they drove down the road.
    They stopped coming up here for a long time, several years , and even now they tend to rarely come up here and if they do they are not as heavy handed as they used to be.

    Cops , local Politicians , the SPLC staff , commie news casters , Fedbook/ youtube owners, etc, etc, etc..... will change their tune when people start doing drive-by shootings of their homes at dinner time .

    Now I'm not condoning such behavior necessarily , but as a student of history it's very easy to predict human behavior in regards to such things.

  • them---"register your AR or we will confiscate it"
    me----"I don't even have an AR, you dick munching moron, I got a mosin and an SKS, and I aint registering either......you motherfuckin hoe ass bitches can register DEEEZZZZ NUUUUUUUUUTTZ"
  • oh and by the way, boss hogg and emma.......I will register a mhot milky money shot on your momma's faces
  • Molon Labe mother fu(/3rs! RAAAAAH!!!!
  • What AR? I have no idea what you talking about officer. Highly doubt that any local LEOS would even think of enforcing any thing of the sort any way.
  • Hahaha! "Officer, I'll show you mine when you show me yours." ;)
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    scottrob76 wrote: »
    What AR? I have no idea what you talking about officer. Highly doubt that any local LEOS would even think of enforcing any thing of the sort any way.

    you aree right about that..........it will be paramilitary fed forces
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