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Oklahoma mom who once married her son will now go to jail for marrying her daughter

I told you all that this country was going to go down the outhouse hole once the definition of marriage was changed from One Man and One Women , not related to closely ....... some things just should not be messed with at all !
Just disgusting.


Oklahoma mom who once married her son will now go to jail for marrying her daughter

By Matthew Martinez
March 14, 2018 11:52 AM

Patricia Ann Spann, 46, and her biological daughter Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, 26, got married in the town of Lawton about 17 months after same-sex marriage became legal in the state of Oklahoma.

To get around the potential snag of their shared family name, Patricia Spann listed her name as Patricia Ann Clayton on the pair’s marriage license application, filed with Comanche County.

For her part in marrying her daughter, two years after she was legally allowed to contact her children following an annulled marriage to her biological son, Patricia Spann will serve time in jail, according to the Oklahoman.

The newspaper reported that she pleaded guilty to felony incest Tuesday, and under a plea deal, the 46-year-old will serve two years in prison followed by eight years of probation. She will have to register as a sex offender following her release.

Incest is punishable by up to 10 years in prison in Oklahoma.

Patricia Spann told child welfare investigators she lost custody of Misty and her two other children before reconnecting with them in 2014. That’s when Patricia and Misty “hit it off,” and started the relationship that eventually landed them both in jail.

Before the pair was arrested, they made their home in Duncan, Okla., about 30 miles from the Texas-Oklahoma state line and less than 20 miles from Lawton, where they were married.

Her children were legally adopted by their paternal grandmother after Patricia Spann lost custody, and she even told investigators she thought her marriage to Misty was legal “because her name was no longer listed on Misty’s birth certificate,” according to the Duncan Banner.

In 2008, according to the Associated Press, Patricia Spann also wed one of her sons. He had the marriage annulled 15 months later, though, citing incest.

The Oklahoman reported that Misty Spann is due back in court next week as part of her plea deal.


  • I recall this Story from a few yrs back. Is this just now going to Sentencing?

    She struck out w her Son, so now she tried w her Daughter? (I wondered where Misty Velvet went. She said that she was "visiting Family" but I never imagined THIS! LOL :p )

    I wonder how the Law treats these Cases of "non-parentage." I know that Adoptive Parents and Siblings are charged w Incest, but if they aren't legally related.....?

    Don't be surprised PM. Ever since the guy divorced his wife to marry his cow in WA State in the 1990s. Little surprises me.

    Once the Floodgates to "normalize" sexual and familial Relationships... a BUNCH of weird stuff will begin testing the Limits. (They should have gotten married in CA. Then noone would bat an Eye. A Mexican woman did out there, and noone had a problem w it.)

    Another Guy adopted his Adult Girlfriend to Sequester his Assets from Seizure. Rosanne Barr and her Husband married 2 women in a 4-way Ceremony in CA and they had to get divorced, along w a Spousal Settlement for the 2 women.
  • :s lol reminds me of "Deliverance"
  • I mean, this shit is too much for even me
  • Come on Tack! You know you'd stick your tongue in that Misty Velvet! :p :*

    Did anyone else catch that the "Journalist" wrote "pleaded" instead of "pled?"
  • Man is due for a punishing visit from Heaven.
  • Messed up shit, can't ignore it, they'll just get worse at seeing what they can get away with or they'll just use the publicicity to move their wack agenda.
  • I do agree man is due a visit and it is justice for our behavior.
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