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  • Man, I have RA, OsteoArthritis, Fibromyalgia and ankylosing spondylitis. I DON'T go the natural way... I have a Remicade infusion once a month @ the hospital for about 3.5 hours. That costs THOUNSANDS a month and have more risks to life than the original dieses does. Lyrica which is about a grand a month and tons of side effects. I'm not thrilled but I am able to continue working 48 hours a week and never miss a day. I think you need to really believe in the homeopathic way to even have a chance..I'm too jaded i guess.
  • It’s just finding what really works , in what dosage and if it doesn’t work for you then drop it and continue searching.
    I still have to take 5-prescription meds a day at least and they are all different, one is to help ease my nerve damage so I don’t act like Joe Cocker the singer . Another is a muscle relaxer , a couple different ones for my old seizure lingering side effects , I don’t remember what the little white pill does ,ohh and saw palmetto 3- twice a day.
    But they are still playing with what works on that prescription stuff also , so it is an ongoing thing.

    Hey we work with what we have and just keep working up from there !
  • Had to do a complete physical awhile back and other than slightly higher blood pressure (was on the back end of shingles on right side and separated ribs on left side) the doc said I was doing great and to stick o my meds. This was a thorough physical blood work,stress,cardo all the pokes, prods and pictures. I waited till after all the paperwork was signed before I told him I haven't taken any of the meds in almost 2 years after a short silence he told me keep doing what ever I was doing and let me go with a full 2 year clearance.
    Closest thing to meds I do are cbd oil and lotions, 50 0/0 thc\cbd edibles for pain when needed, a toke or two off the pipe now and then, couple fingers good whiskey now and then, Apple cider vinegar and honey. I also drink lots of water and take long hot showers and go to the hot springs when really shoved up.
  • Yup there ya go Oldbull !
    My wife slathered me down with CBD oil today and after a nap WOW do I feel good. Not in a stoned way, that doesn't happened with CBD oil because there is no THC in it, but in a general overall feeling of joint pain.
  • Honestly guys, I've never smoked anything, but if the country does go to shiit, and I don't have to worry about going to work I'm gonna try the fattest one I can find and roll. LOL. Seriously though I'm going to try it though.
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