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PM is Home !

So thank you all for caring about me guys , I really do appreciate it, thank you all very much.

As many of you know I have health issues and some of them have been getting worse, like when I stop breathing for awhile at night.
Hehehee , I never noticed but my wife did.
Well ya gotta love the Medicaid system , it only took them about four years to finally address it.

So after it got waaaaay worse and it was causing more complications with some of the meds that they put me on, like not breathing for minutes at a time, they, the doctors, took me off the meds until I could have a sleep study done. That only took about a month and a half since I have been off of them.

So sometime in the next year maybe , hahahaahahahaha , Medicaid will get me a C-PAP machine or Oxygen for at night and adjust meds accordingly .

So basically as per usual nothing much is going to be getting done, or at least I'm not holding my breath while I wait.


Yeah that's a knee slapper there, hehehehehheheeee......

So you knucldraggers are still stuck with me for a while longer. :p



  • hope everything works out....I figure you will be around awhile
  • Good to hear that your Medical Needs are finally being addressed. When you posted that you'd be absent, I worried maybe a lingering withering Disease or terminal phase of an Illness. (I know that you have several Health Problems. I respect your Stoically facing them.)

    Good to know that it was a Med Adjustment and Sleep Study. Hopefully your Problems will be addressed and you'll start sleeping well at night.

    Many ppl in my family use CPAPs. Luckily I've begun turning onto my side to sleep to clear my passage. (I've been a flat on my back sleeper since I was a child.) So hopefully I've got some yrs left before I must get a CPAP. Or better yet, avoid 1 all together.

    Anyway, glad to have you back to 97% PM. Don't burn yourself out at 100%. We need your candle to burn twice as long. :p B)
  • Medicare vs. Medicaid

    Medicare is social insurance that is paid out at the federal level.

    Medicaid is social welfare that is paid out at both the state and federal level.

    Social insurance has also been defined as a program whose risks are transferred to and pooled by an often government organisation legally required to provide certain benefits.

    Social Welfare is the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for citizens and other eligible residents without sufficient current means to support basic needs.

    With social insurance, the beneficiary's contributions to the program are taken into account. A welfare program pays recipients based on need, not contributions. In the US, Medicare is social insurance, and Medicaid is welfare.
  • Bryan..... Just wait until you get sick like I did, contracting the HANTAVIRUS THREE TIMES and surviving it, when it has a mortality rate of 50%. That is in addition to several other things that have happened to me over the years.
    For TEN YEARS I fought and got worse and worse, selling off the ranch that I built at a staggering lose to stay out of debt, had to shut down my business and sell off what I had to pay bills all the while spending a year virually bed bound.

    I never wanted Medicaid, but Da Furher Obama forced me onto it.

    I've worked my entire life very hard since I was Ten years old, doing jobs that most never would, being there for others the whole time, and yet my BLACK FEMALE LAWYER said that it's not just me but that she has seen the same treatment handed out to ALL of her other WHITE clients but not to any other race that she has seen so far.

    I am legally disabled and yet Social Security dragged their feet long enough to say that I do not have enough work credits when I did in fact have more then enough up until I could no longer work .
    Yeah , anyone that tells you that the system really helps those in need has never had to ask for it and find out it's all a lie.

  • Bryan Hall, you seem like a good guy in most Threads. Please don't be a Douche when it comes to a long-standing and highly respected Member's health.

    Pastor Mike is a USArmy Vet who SHOULD be receiving the very best Healthcare affordable. The fact that he's lumped in w those who have never worked a day in their Lives.... is a Schande upon ALL of us with Free Speech and Voting Rights! :'(
  • to be honest, I kinda figured the rev to favor holistic/homeopathic medicine. weren't you a medic when you were in the service?
  • IIRC he was an NBC specialist.

    I agree that holistic is best. But for his Problem, something that forces air into the lungs when one has Apnia is suggested.

    And you also bring up a great point! PM used colloidal Silver, Medicinal Cannabis Oils, and other Herbal Remedies. He resorts to Conventional Medicine and State Physician only when required. If Medicine had Regulations loosened, we could all pay 1/1000th of the Cost now, and pursue Avenues which actually work for our particular Condition. Not the Statistical Norms.

    For instance, I went in for my Yearly Physical a few weeks ago. My Dr took me off of my Ambian Sleep Meds, and reduced 2 of my Anxiety/PTSD and Fibromyalxia Meds to 1/3 of my Maintenance Dosage which has proven to be the correct Amount over the past 12 yrs.

    He said that the FEDs are clamping down on Anxiety and Psych Meds, along w Painkillers. SOOOOOO, don't be surprised if there are MORE Mass Casualty and Random Violence Outbreaks. Ppl who need Psych Meds are being denied what has worked for them for yrs, and are now being told to "tough it out" with their Hallucinations and Violent Impulsivity. THAT will work GREAT! :eye roll

    If I need to take 1/3 my Maintenance Dose of Lyrica which is a NON-opoid nerve mediator, I can understand the Heroin Epidemic. Ppl w CRIPPLING spinal and other Disorders/Injuries WON'T endure such HORRIFIC Pain! They will turn to Alternatives, including self-medicating w "OTC" (On-the-Corner) Street Drugs. :cold_sweat:
  • Glad you're home PM, it would suck to be stuck at hospital if things got crazy.
  • MMR: I don't know... all that Access to the Dispensary and Pharmacy? They wouldn't be real worried about securing the Stocks. But you'd need in while it was unsecured. Many have electro-magnetic locks like I do on my Bunker Entrance.

    I wonder how they defeat Niobium Magnets? Can they be hacked at the Point of Entry? (Asking so that I can harden any Weaknesses in my Preps.)
  • edited March 14
    You guys are THE BEST !
    This is what I love to see, MEN , not Supermen, but MEN openly talking about real issues that impact us individually in a REAL WAY !!!

    I don't want to be on all of these pills , I would much rather continue with my Homeopathic ways, like CBD's for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and damaged spine, damaged left knee, right shoulder, forearm and hand.
    I still take apple cider vinegar with MOTHER and cinnamon , I drink straight cranberry juice and take Saw Palmetto for urinary track , and oh my gosh all the different stuff that my wife gives me including vitamins are ALL natural .
    She is the one who saved me when everyone else had given up, all by NATURAL MEANS.

    As for the multiple TBI's that I have had over the years (5 or more ???) well they have caught up with me and are now causing the most problems.

    You young guys might look at me and say "Dude how did you get like that ?" , well that is what a HARD LIFE will do to you, and yet some of you actually want to do things that will make you look, well, like me ........ just not as stunningly rugged as I look . HAHAHHAHAA

    Oh and Bryan/Dirtfarmer....... leave me alone.
  • Glad you're feeling better Mike.
    As far as bryan, but but but he seems so much smarter than we are.
    I don't care how right they may be I can't stand condescending people.
  • edited March 15
    Good to see you old friend , I hope and pray that you are doing well also.

    This is OLDBULL and Me when we get together over steaks and other things !!!
  • I have been using cbd oil with my meds......meds in the morning and cbd oil before bed. I think that it helps me sleep better. I also have sleep apnea and recently had to get the machine turned up.
  • Wr said:
    I wonder how they defeat Niobium Magnets? Can they be hacked at the Point of Entry? (Asking so that I can harden any Weaknesses in my Preps.)

    neodymium Magnets are designed like any other magnet. The colder they are the better they work. That being said neodymium lose about 0.11% of it’s effective magnetic field per 1 degree Centigrade over -130 degrees centigrade. Some grades of neodymium can maintain effectiveness to +230 degrees centigrade. So to beat neodymium magnet one must raise there temperature above that point to destroy its magnetic effects.

    What I’m saying is a steam gun is highly effective as is a magnesium fire built around the door. The heat and prolonged effect there of will bypass most locks utilizing these magnets.

    Now if that doesn’t get you I’m blasting the locking magnets with liquid nitrogen either before heating or directly after will cause the magnets to fragment as well as losing effectiveness.

    Good luck, if it’s got a lock it can be broken into.
  • So if you don't mind me asking what do you do if the power goes out, do you have O2 bottles ?
  • Wake up feeling like you are being suffocated, then adrenaline keeps you awake the rest of the night. Haha

    It’s not funny when it happens though!
  • Wow man, I had no idea. That apnea is serious shit, don't take it too laid back, do what you gotta do to stay healthy!!
  • Well it appears that I'm not the only one here who has it, which makes me feel a little better in a weird way , but on the other hand it looks like we really do need to be discussing issues like this more often as group.
  • I've been experiencing the "choking hands" and waking up to only being able to take very small shallow gulps of breath while trying to calm the panic rising up within me all the while not trying to wake my wife and have her start panicking .

    That's been going on for about nine-years and the doctors at the clinic just kept telling me to not worry about it. I so hate and despise these doctors today that feel that that just because they have to pull time at a public clinic for a tax write-off just to blow off the people who really need their help.

    ......and my BP is holding steady , hhahahahahhahahaaa
  • I've found sleeping propped up helps a little.
  • edited March 15
    Yeah I have one of those WEDGE pillows and another big fluffy pillow that goes on top of it to prop me up some, my trouble comes when I toss and turn and knock the pillow off.
    I'll figure something out, THANKS Scott for the suggestion .
  • PM , sleep with your pack on, it'll keep you propped up and it's secured to you. LOL
  • I have similar issues I was in the hospital due to sleep deprivation and my blood pressure awhile back, he doctor tells me to get 8 hours of sleep ,Then they give me this "sleeping medicine" which is a no go lol
  • EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP !?!?!? What is that ?
    Why I haven't had eight hours of sleep since I was a pre-teen.
    Then comes more reading and studying , then jobs , then children , then livestock ....
    Heck I'm lucky if I can get 3-4 hrs straight without having to get up and use the latrine , to me that is wonderful !
  • JWF..... try eating one piece of garlic about the size of your thumb three times a day , just peal it and pop it in your mouth real quick and chew it up even faster, swallow and chase it with a glass of water.
    If you do this religiously and watch your salt intake , you should start to see some real differences within a month or so.
    That is how I got off of my BP meds altogether .
    Now I just use other spices and fresh herbs to bring out the flavor in food and ONLY use Sea Salt or Kosher salt on my hard boiled eggs that I have like once or twice a week.
  • PM, with a Diet like that, our WOMEN will have to wear Breathing Masks to sleep. LOL :p
  • Thanks PM I will try that, the BP meds they give me make me a zombie.
  • M, with a Diet like that, our WOMEN will have to wear Breathing Masks to sleep. LOL :p

    And that's just the top barrel!
    You don't even want to know what comes out the bottom barrel! :D
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  • Is that a true story PM? your wife is either gonna be real happy or real pissed
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