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What Legal Rights do unarmed Advanced Scouting Parties have when invading the USA?

Mexicans, Chinese and OTMs who invade our Sovereign Soil and commit acts of financial, economic, violent and sexual Crimes against our Citizenry are receiving FULL Constitutional and Civil Rights. But SHOULD they?

They are an Invasion Force. They don't wear Uniforms and are unarmed, but spies and scouts sometimes wear Local Garb. Why don't we try them as Unlawful Foreign Agents instead of simple Misdemeanor Intrusion of our Soil?

They have no ranks, so we needn't pay them any Wages. Just put them on enormous work farms or have them work as Indentured Contract Labor on Fed Sites. Foodservice, Janitorial, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. Pay them .15-.85c an hr and "no work, no eat."

Seems like the Spigot of Invasion would dwindle to a Trickle... >:)
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  • For background upon the Subject:

    "After World War II, during the Hostages Trial,[9] the seventh of the Nuremberg Trials, ... the tribunal stated: We are obliged to hold that such guerrillas were francs tireurs who, upon capture, could be subjected to the death penalty. Consequently, no criminal responsibility attaches to the defendant List because of the execution of captured partisans...[10]" :flushed:
  • I wouldn't have a problem with confirmed gang/cartel members caught crossing being treated as enemy combatants
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    Throw them in a pit with wild boars and televise it for all the world to see that we just will not put up with that crap !!!
  • Or put them in a hole and make them put lotion on thier skin.
  • LOL PM! That's a great visual, but I was curious about the LEGAL Issues. What LAWS pertain to an un-uniformed Invasion Force. They are conducting Espionage, Sabotage and other Crimes; if they were German troops in England or Russian troops in Germany; they'd be executed.

    We have declared a "War on Drugs" should we declare War on the Cartels? Maybe a Congressional Authorization of Force would open up a new Avenue for combating the Reconquista.
  • JWF wrote: »
    Or put them in a hole and make them put lotion on thier skin.
    That's what happens if Leftists get ahold of them or they make their way to San Francisco. :smirk:

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    I think the left and thier liberal judges would prosecute anyone trying to start A war on the cartel. You would have zero support from the government and be labeled as racist and or a vigilante. We need to win the war on progressiveness first or the American legal system will attack us and make us the enemy, just look at how Trump gets attacked for mentioning going after ms-13.
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    Trump has stated that he's contemplating sending National Guard Troops into CA. So, who cares if Enemy Judges in a Secessionist State rule against the ppl w the guns. As Mao said, "Power flows from the barrel of a rifle."
  • I’ve said it before, TPOTUS has the LEGAL power to remove ANY sitting judge if they are not upholding the Constitution as it is and not as they want to interpret it.
    Go google it ..... “can the president remove a sitting judge”
    The instructions for doing so are in the constitution .
  • But Trump isn't exactly on our side either, he's just "more" on America's side then the left. WR, Mao also had a huge majority of the people on his side both him and Che both emphasized that A successful guerrilla campaign is won by having the support of the people , which is not what we have here. We are divided more then Ches Cuba or Maos China.
  • Then just do what many of others are doing, stocking supplies deep and wide, training , networking with others of like mind and when the lights go out and the dumb shits start burning down their cities........ pick and choose, pick and choose, pick and choose.

    Life really isn't that complicated, simplify simplify simplify. B)
  • Mikhail Kalashnikov said that simplicity is the root of genuis
  • I prep and train, networking dosn't work to well in my AO though. Oregon is not a very friendly place for patriots anymore, there's literally a few of us that meet up here and there but the other supposed "threeper" group that I know of is not good news, they affiliate themselves with people that are "sketchy".
  • Mr. Kalashnikov was also communist :D... jk, I get what you're saying.
  • JWF wrote: »
    Mr. Kalashnikov was also communist :D... jk, I get what you're saying.
    Many great Thinkers arose under Communism. "Necessity being the Mother of Invention" when everything around you is wrong, you look for Right.

    Mikhail saw that that Germans made exquisitely machined and polished Museum Pieces that cost WAY too much and took too much skilled Labor.

    Stalin's greatest quote IMO was "Quantity has a Quality all its own." So, Kali dumped stamped sheetmetal 400m range rapid fire rifles into production. The USA and UK were stamping M3 Grease Guns w 75m MAX range in 9mm and .45ACP. Kali developed a rd that could be rolled in mud and sand and STILL fire 99.997% of the time.

    It's a bottle-necked short, fat cartridge similar to PPC competition rds. Just enough powder to seriously wound and take a Combatant out of Service, not Sniper Quality 7mm Mausers, or 8mm Hunting/Trench Rifles. If Germany had fielded more MP-18s for Urban Fighting and MP-40s for rapid Field Advance w 8mm Mauser as MG support, they would have done EVEN BETTER than their already amazing Advances.

    "Perfect, is the Mortal Enemy of Good Enough." - Classical Russian Proverb.

  • Back on Topic:
    CA is SEVERELY under-armed. Even the Police aren't good shots. Except maybe LA Co Sheriff's Ofc.

    Mobilize the TX Nat Guard and we won't have any problem putting down CAs that are throwing Stink Bombs and Molotov Cocktails. Let them burn their own cars and homes. Don't expect any Fed Reconstruction $$$. >:)
  • QUOTE FROM Whiterussian1974

    March 12 in News and Headlines Flag

    "Mexicans, Chinese and OTMs who invade our Sovereign Soil"

    Before being able to answer the question, I would like definitions of "our", "sovereign" and "sovereign soil" ? Are the citizens the sovereigns ones or is some other entity the sovereign ? Is private property the same as sovereign soil ? Who really "owns" private property ? Can anyone other than the government actually be sovereign or own private property ? If you or I don't have our rights/liberty and we don't own private property, then who the heck is the "our" in "our sovereign soil?"

    Another Quote from the same paragraph "and commit acts of financial, economic, violent and sexual Crimes against our Citizenry are receiving FULL Constitutional and Civil Rights. But SHOULD they?"

    I would point out the largest committer of acts of financial and economic crime against the citizenry is the federal reserve, treasury department, IRS, the entire federal government and their friends on wall street. Shouldn't we be concerned with the root of these crimes, before worrying about the minor after affects in the GRAND scheme of all the financial and economic crimes ? I guess it's easier to blame the Chinese and the Mexicans, than our own government, but ignoring the truth is not a suitable way to solve the issues at hand.

    As for violent crimes, The biggest violent offender by far is the united states government and their various enforcers from police to CO's and their ever vigilant bailiffs. If you include extortion, coercion, and straight up threats backed by lethal force, the only game in town worth mentioning is the federal, state and local governments.

    Our we to ignore the invasion we already have on the soil of our liberty and rights ? Any other talk of invasion by minimal crap in the grand scheme of things is very unproductive. It only furthers to divide us all.
  • It’s kinda difficult to clean up your own yard when neighbors keep throwing their trash over your fence and you can only do so much if your roommates keep making messes on top of that .
    Something has gotta give before any real cleanup can take place.
    Make sure that the neighbors take care of their issues so that you can then take care of your own .
  • I seem to agree w each of your several points Bryan. (Did you grow up in Wichita, KS? I had a friend by that name, but he was born in the 1970s.)

    You are correct about the Fed, the foreign corporation known as 'United States,' et al. They are imaginary Legal Entities that can't "own" anything. They have no more Rights than any other Fictional Being.

    Your ?s on Sovereigns, (you'll learn that I capitalize Proper Nouns to clarify Subjects vs Modifiers) are all valid. Yet discussed in other Topics. This was meant to be limited to non-Nationals of the several States. (TX, NV, AZ, NM, etc.)

    However, Nat Guard Troops from TX have a "Treaty" (interstate Compact) with the other States for "mutual self help and protection." Thus, if asked, AZ troops can protect the TX border w Mexico. However, this is PRIMARILY a Federal (Central Gov't) Duty that we all spend Blood and Treasure for the Service. This is why States sue DC and vice versa over Border Protection and Enforcement.
  • ironically I was just watching some vids acting people their opinions on the subject, and in this one, I can see points on BOTH sides, but it seems like some fail to acknowledge what should be common sense. we share a border with a politically unstable nation with some of the best armed, best funded crime groups in the world???
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