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Warren rules out presidential run and declines DNA test to prove her Native American heritage.


  • She can still "identify" as A native American though. I identify as A pagen God with Christian beliefs.
  • I identify as hell, at this point I don't even know
  • I hear sometimes you identify as A women, any truth to that?
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    JWF wrote: »
    I hear sometimes you identify as A women, any truth to that?

    LOL naw, but I used to be a pretty cute crossdresser
  • No pics?
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    JWF wrote: »
    No pics?

    yeah I got some on photobucket
  • Don't post them on here, you might attract liberals. You could use those pics to get in good with the Austin Antifa though, I bet them "guys" dress in drag alot.
  • Are you fishing for pointers there JWF ??? :D

    What do I "identify " as ........ Oh screw that nonsense, I am who I am and if you don't like me then don't bother me !
    I respect people who know the facts and yet can treat others politely regardless of a difference in point of view . However if someone who has their head shoved so far up their ass that they are now growing mushrooms for brains and they are DEMANDING that I change just to make them feel better about their twisted mindset , then any hope of being friends just went out the window and that will be that !!!

    I have done the homework, I know what works for a society to grow and be strong , and I know what causes one to collapse and be taken over by other strong nations.
    I will not be a party to destroying my children's and my grandchildren's future just to make some mental basket case feel good about themselves for the moment until they change their mind once again and want everyone to now embrace their newest screwy idea .

    Not just no, but ...... HELL NO !!!

    I've said it since I was a early teenager and I still say it today, "Love me or hate me it's YOUR choice not mine". To me that just goes with real FREEDOM and if you don't like that then you only have three choices as I see it and will ONLY SEE IT.
    1- Tone down your twisted ass, loose the political agenda and let people see you for WHO YOU ARE and not for what you want others to see you as.

    2-Move, go away, find your utopia and go there and leave the rest of us alone and stop trying to force the conservative/classical liberal (by original definition) majority to embrace the leftist/collectivist/mentally ill minority.

    3- Kill yourself , end your suffering and end the suffering that you are forcing upon the rest of us. Just like with those who demand that people need to die or to force birth control restraints upon the general population so as to stop population growth, well then PLEASE LEAD BY EXAMPLE AND KILL YOURSELF NOW OR SHUT THE HELL UP !!!

    See how simple that is ??? :D

    So let's just be polite to one another and leave whatever you do in the bedroom in the bedroom , and let's move forward with enjoying life. Otherwise ....... :#

    edited March 13
    It's just a little fucking around, we are guys right? I'm not sensitive and lack any form of political correctness lol. Seriously though, I'm just fucking around.
    Bwhahahahahahaaaa :D
  • I always say that if no one is hatin on you, then you are doin somethin wrong
  • Yeah I'm a Pastor, I'm always pissing someone off somehow , so don't let anyone drop their baggage off on you, make them lug it.
  • I just wanted to be clear that I'm not trying to disrespect anyone im just trying to bring in a little humor. The reality of all that is happening to this country is apparent and very serious....I like to lighten the mood ..in other words I identify as an asshole and a clown.
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