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The 5 branches of Philosophy. Politics is the Use of Force.

I'm dropping this here. It's a utube about Ayn Rand and the timestamp that I posted is where Stefan is discussing the 5 Branches of Philosophy....including that Politics is DEFINED as the Use of Force against the Population.


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  • I think I’ve heard Stefan Molyneux say something to the affect of “politics is just two different groups of people fighting over who gets to point the guns of government(the use of force) at the other”.

    Anyway here’s another good classic Stefan Molyneux video called “The Story of Your Enslavement”
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    I really don’t give a damn about politics anymore , the vast majority of people know right from wrong, what has me seeing RED is that those in power are actually insane , and truly believe that they can just continue with the same insane behavior that got us to this point in the first place !!!
  • That Stefan Molyneux video brought me over to another interesting video that seemed fitting for the discussion. It is a man named Larkin Rose talking about how Government is actually a religion. It is rather interesting.


    "what has me seeing RED is that those in power are actually insane , and truly believe that they can just continue with the same insane behavior that got us to this point in the first place !!!"

    Mike, I would also add that the people (like you and I) continuing with our same behavior,justifications, excuses, et all... is also insane behavior that only serves to feed the insane behavior of those in power. I imagine if we shut down our insane behavior on our end, it would shut down the insane behavior on the other end ? The definition of insanity that I am using is the old saying of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  • I'll watch the 2 vids later. They look really good.

    Yes, there are simple things that EACH of us can do to limit Gov't power.
    1. File 'Exempt' on our IRS-W2
    2. Never OVERpay our Taxes. We get no Discounts, so don't pay a month ahead for ease. Pay just the minimum wo incurring additional Fees.
    3. Be active in LOCAL politics. Including the School Board. Sometimes you'll run unopposed. And kids' minds are our Future.
    4. Become active in Library, Volunteer Fire and Police, Local Charities like FoodBanks, etc. Lots of opportunities to network and make Contacts. We might even change some minds or help someone nearing the Edge.
    There are many more, but those are the 1st that jump to mind.
    Scouts, Church, etc CAN also be good; but are also fraught w pitfalls.
  • whiterussian: free staters in New Hampshire have been doing exactly what you said for at least the past 10 years and they’ve been having lots of great successes on the local level. If anything we should all take a look at what the Free State Project has been doing on a local and state level in New Hampshire and implement some of the same tactics in our local AO’s.
  • The people don't know their own power.
  • That's a wonderful "tiny dot" vid.
    But they don't show that 1:1000 of the "throng" are the ACTUAL Enforcers. (Police and Bureaucrats) The small circle of "Enforcers" shown are only the IRS Agents. NOT the sheep dogs in there midst who are paid w the stolen money. (Like me. :confounded: ) They should have shown 1 in a thousand Police as flashing dots whenever they spoke of Enforcers.

    And 65% of Americans who would vote AGAINST Free Sovereigns who object to this Institutionalized Theft. Those are the "secret Police of Informants/Collaborationists."

    The Jury Box is the most important of the 4 Boxes. Until we begin VOLUNTARILY showing up to Nullify the Jury Process, we are doomed. :'(
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