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Farrakhan goes on anti Semitic rant...but it's ok because he's black.

They make such a big deal about some made up relationship between Trump and the kkk but then go and affiliate themselves with this crackpot. This idiot even was caught talking positively about Hitler and thinks the jews "got what they deserved"...what A piece of shit



  • Piece of Shit is Correct...

    Have You seen pictures of OdumbAss and Farrakhan Hugging and Laughing?

    What a Fucking Disgrace...
  • I can't believe he's open about being A fan of Hitler.
  • I'm shopping for an AK or AR.

    "They" won't have it so easy next time. >:)
  • That is a tough decision.
  • Farrakhan Calls on Blacks to 'Rise Up and Kill' Whites
  • What a dumbass, someone should tell him to go ahead and try it. Why dosn't he just go ask the muslims in the Middle East how far this mindset has gotten them?
  • whats even more fucking confusing is when farrakan says some shit that makes sense
  • Even a broken analog clock is right twice a day. Doesn’t excuse the other 22 incorrect hours or 1438 incorrect minutes.
  • The holocaust never happened.

    The definition of holocaust is to destroy by fire, so when you hear of a nuclear holocaust, that would be correct.

    The stories of 6 million Jews killed during the war is preposterous. They were not brought to concentration camps to be killed, they were brought to labor camps to be forced to work in HORRIBLE conditions for Hitlers war effort against their will.

    People will point out that they were being gassed and then cremated in large numbers at these camps. Absolutely false. The "gas chambers" were clearly regular shower rooms, and every camp had a couple to a few crematories. This was not being used to murder the prisoners, rather to dispose of the disease infected corpses.

    The conditions were so poor at these forced labor camps, that when you entered the camp, they took your clothes, fumigated it with zyklon b, you showered, deloused, and for those who did die from the HORRIBLE conditions were cremated to stop the spread of disease.

    Other countries had the same exact setup at their POW camps as well to control the spread of disease. Remember, those who win the wars write the history books, and making the jews situation the jewel of WW2 was underlined by several agendas.

    I hope that those reading this understand that I do believe that many jews were murdered during the war, but not 6 million, maybe closer to a million actually were killed, but mostly died from horrible conditions of forced labor camps. I would also point out that the word holocaust in reference to the Jews and WW2 is bullshit. It's just incorrect. How many Russians died during WW2 ? Or Mao's China ? Tens of millions, yet those who wrote the history books, are the ones who won the war. They have an agenda. Incidentally, those who won the war created the state of Israel as we know it today. A country that has gone on to commit gross atrocities against the Palestinians, but god's "true" people get a pass, RIGHT ? HA

    If the point of Hitler having the Jews rounded up was to kill them, then why bother building all these "camps" in the first place ? Why lay railroad tracks to shuttle them in ? Seems like a lot of work if your gonna stuff the bodies into a crematorium to murder them. Does anyone understand how much fire you need to cremate a body and stuffing the damn thing with more than one body would not accomplish the task. It is ridiculous. So why have we been told our whole lives about 6 million Jews killed in a holocaust ?

    More indoctrination, brain washing and obedience training from the powers that be.


    If you watched the video, you will have noticed that they have taken away comments, related videos, et all. It was not like this 6 months ago. You are personally witness to the control restrictions of the NWO, in real time. The noose tightens on liberty...

    As for Farrakahn, he is interesting to say the least. Is he a racist ? Yep. Does it matter ? Nope. Some of what he has to say is pretty truthful, and the rest is poison. How is that any different than any politician in this country ?

    At the end of the day, Farrakhan ain't the one stealing our liberty and freedom. Using threats of violence to control and manipulate us. The ones that are responsible for that are the same ones that told us 6 million Jews were murdered in a holocaust.

    For those who don't know, being a holocaust denier will get you kidnapped in Germany. Also doing the heil Hitler salute will get you arrested as well. Amazing !

    Tourists Arrested in Germany For Performing Hitler Salute

    ′Nazi grandma′ Ursula Haverbeck sent to prison for holocaust denial
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    Well since my Great Grandfather was the ONLY surviving member of my family who made it out of Germany while the rest of MY JEWISH FAMILY was MURDERED at AUSHITZ in the GAS CHAMBERS !!!
    I found their names in the surviving DEATH RECORDS that stated that they were KILLED IN THE GAS CHAMBERS !!!


  • I've been to auswitz and seen the remains of the hell that was conducted there. No way there wasn't mass murder conducted.
  • I've been to auswitz and seen the remains of the hell that was conducted there. No way there wasn't mass murder conducted.
  • The comment above reminds me of how the liberals like to alter the history books to further thier own agenda, it's pretty fucked up and beyond disrespectful.
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