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Dreamers turn on democrats

Lol....funny shit, So now Trump has turned on gun owners and Democrats have turned on illegals, let see who takes a bigger hit next election.


  • Trump didn't turn on gun owners. He cleverly manipulated the Leftists by inserting Poison Pills.

    AND...he elucidated the Fact that Dems don't care about their Constituents. They just want "causes" to hammer their Opponents and Followers both over the head with.

    He offered them THREE TIMES what they claimed to want, and they flatly refused! Just like w Hamas and PLO. Offer to cave and give them EVERYTHING that they want all tied into a big, pretty bow...and they are FURIOUS! Because they don't really want what they claim. If their lips are moving, they're lying.

    They are about ANGER and RAGE, not Solutions. :/
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