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Army sets sights on new sniper rifle.


How is one 7.62 rifle harder hitting then another 7.62 rifle? And how is an M14 A semi auto Remington 700? I think fox news is little off on thier firearms knowledge.


  • One can be better suited to higher pressure ammunition.

    But there’s no way an M14/M21 is a Remington 700/M24.
  • And, technically, while not part of your questions specifically as far as the article is concerned, a 300 Win Mag is a 7.62 (7.62x67)
  • I did not know that, I thought they were comparing .308 rifles. The HK they are talking about shouldn't be anymore capable then say an m14 or ar10 though, right?
  • What ever happened to the military wanting to switch to 6.5 creedemore?
  • The HK is essentially an AR10. The M14 is a great rifle for many things, NOT a sniper rifle however.

    They were comparing 308’s, and one can still hit harder if it is able to handle hotter and heavier loads. Try running M118LR through an M14. Or rather, don’t. I don’t want blamed for ruining your rifle or your face. Even worse,(don’t) try running mk 248 in a standard 300WM, there are a number of people saying there are pressure signs out the ass in non military chambers. I haven’t tried it since I reload, but the military doesn’t, they don’t care about brass life and have the rifles re barreled as needed when they burn out the throats.

    The military won’t change from NATO standards outside of SOCOM units, it will cost too much and the advantages aren’t all that much in military terms.
  • Makes sense
  • Just like a M1 Carbine is 7.62x33 , that is still a .308 bullet.
  • .30-.378 Weatherby, baby !
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