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Seattle man has guns confiscated

I wasn’t sure if this was real or satire because the zerohedge article was written in sort of a satirical way but I googled this and it really did happen. The guy didn’t break any laws just looked at people weird while open carrying...



  • Is the guy fighting it?
  • No idea but he shouldn’t have to. If the state says he’s guilty of a crime then they should have to be the ones to prove that he’s guilty not the other way around. Instead we now live in a police state that has a pre-crime policy that says you’re guilty just because you may or may not be displaying odd behavior and may or may not be a threat.

    From what I read so far(on snopes) some people saw him just “staring” at people while openly carrying a holstered gun which is allegedly perfectly legal where this took place. The police enforced a “protection order” against him and he never appeared in court to “address” it and voluntarily turn in his guns. That’s when the police took his guns by force.

    This is from snopes:
    “Sergeant Eric Pisconski, who heads the unit responsible for carrying out protection order-related seizures, said of the case:

    “We attempted multiple times to get the individual to fulfill that order of turning over their firearms. And he refused multiple times. We were forced, at that point, to take the next step in the ERPO law which is petitioning for a search warrant to go in and enter their home and remove the firearms from them.””

    I think that this guy decided not to address this court order and turn in his guns because he thinks that law is unjust and nullified it on an individual level by failing to turn in his guns “voluntarily”. The way I see it, even if they did get a warrant, is displaying odd behavior really enough probable cause to issue a search warrant and take his guns even though he committed no crime and wasn’t even charged with a crime? I’m not a constitutional law expert but that seems like a stretch to me.

    I think that this sort of thing is going to be happening a lot here pretty soon and one of these days they’ll do it to the wrong guy and things will go hot pretty quick.
  • That’s total BS.

    If they do this more, someone will resist, and it will get more attention and will blow up one way or another.
  • I don't know what's going on anymore, it's like earlier my friends cousin was telling me he just enlisted in the Army but was denied in purchasing a firearm from a local shop because he didnt pass the background check. I think our gun rights will be gone soon.
  • JWF....... Back when I enlisted in 85' at Seventeen years old I couldn't LEGALLY purchase a firearm , vote , gamble, own property or have a beer.
    How is that for being a qualified Expert with M16A1 RIFLE, M203 GRENADE LAUNCHER, M60 MACHINE GUN, 1911A1 PISTOL and GRENADES before I turned Eighteen ?
    Now THAT is messed up !!!
  • My friends cousin is 23 years old though and if he could pass the militaries background check to enlist then that should be good enough to pirchase firearms . Supposedly he's got a lawyer looking into it that is pretty optimistic.
  • Does he have a common name? Sometimes the atf check gets people confused
  • Don't know, I'm gonna ask my buddy what happens though.
  • Since they get our B-date and DL or Social, they shouldn't deny without AT LEAST stating the Cause. There's no excuse for denying a Right without Due Process or stating a Justification. :'(
  • WR, my ex worked for one of the facilities than did the NICS checks. She told me the reains people get denied can be as simple as one field not being completed correctly, the system timing out, or the operator making a mistake, or thenoperator being a family member of the purchaser and no supervisors being able to immediately take over the call. There are a number of reasons, but no matter the reason, they are not allowed to say why it was denied. If you want to know, you have to send in an inquiry.

    I was denied once because my dad was in jail for DUI when I went to purchase. I used my social, but was still denied. He got released, I put two and two together and I went to a different store and purchased and passed. When I got my reply back from the denial, it literally said “incarcerated at time of attempted purchase.” I have NEVER been arrested or incarcerated. It’s nowhere near a perfect system.

    It’s a weak and BS system that needs fixed if we’re going to keep it.
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