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CONN. governor says NRA is A terrorist organization.



  • It really is. A heavily Hispanic demographic. Politically Conservative, Roman Catholic, majority law-abiding... just a truly beautiful place to live and raise a family.

    You just need to find a good job. Most used to revolve around the Military Bases and supporting On and Off-duty Personnel. Food, Shopping, Entertainment, etc.
  • from wiki, for whatever it is worth.


    Origin in French Revolution
    Further information: France § History, History of France § Counter-revolution subdued (July 1793 – April 1794), and Jacobin § Girondins disbarred from National Convention
    Seal of the Jacobin Club: 'Society of the Jacobins, Friends of Freedom and Equality'.
    General Napoléon Bonaparte quelling the 5 October 1795 royalist rebellion in Paris, in front of the Église Saint-Roch, Saint-Honoré Street, paving the way for Directory government.

    The Latin verb terrere means: to frighten.[17] The English word 'terror', just like the French terreur, derives from that Latin word and means from of old: fright, alarm, anguish, (mortal) fear, panic.

    Oxford English Dictionary reportedly states that the word 'terrorist' (French: terroriste) was invented in the year 1794, during the French Revolution. The first meaning of the word 'terrorist' was then: adherent or supporter of the Jacobins.[18] Apparent from the context given in an article in the Guardian, the indication 'Jacobins' in that Oxford definition bears on the group around Maximilien Robespierre, also called 'Montagnards', that after 1794 were held responsible by some commentators for the repressive and violent government over France between June 1793 and July 1794, a period analogously labeled 'Reign of Terror' by commentators.[18] The given definition in Oxford Dictionary shows, the term 'terrorist' in its first use was meant as abusive term for someone's political or historical ideas or allegiances, not as description of his personal actions.[18]

    In December 1795, Edmund Burke used the word "Terrorists" in a description of the new French government called 'Directory':
    "At length, after a terrible struggle, the [Directory] Troops prevailed over the Citizens (…) To secure them further, they have a strong corps of irregulars, ready armed. Thousands of those Hell-hounds called Terrorists, whom they had shut up in Prison on their last Revolution, as the Satellites of Tyranny, are let loose on the people."[19]
    Clearly, in this case, Burke used 'Terrorists' as disparaging labeling of armed troops hired by a government he loathes.

    The way that I am reading all this, is that the first use of terrorism, was a term used to describe the actions of government against the people. If this is the case, I have found it very interesting how most things are the opposite of what they are supposed to be.

    Another thought on terrorism. Terra is the original pronunciation of the Truth. Terra became Tarot become Ta-Ruth which equals TRUTH. Terra is the earth, and we are on terra firma. We want are our truth to be firm in righteousness. With this idea, we are all terraist. If you live on terra firma, earth, your a terraist !!!

    Remember when Bush said this:

    He very clearly pronounces it terraist, not terrorist. Bush was claiming a war against all the people of earth, specifically those who would want to bring the truth/terra to light. Another side note, this war on the "terraist" includes every single person/terraist on the face of the earth, and this battlefield includes every square inch of the terra firma as well. This seemingly fits in with all the surveillance, saftey vs liberty, erosion of rights we continue to have in this country. I hope this sheds some new light on Terrorism.

    As for the NRA, they are the ones that have always helped to create the anti-gun legislation. They are not interested in liberty. They are interested in generating money for the business of hypocrisy that they are in. Fuck the NRA. The argument that it is the lesser of two evils is really stupid. It would still make one the supporter of evil, right ?

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