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CONN. governor says NRA is A terrorist organization.


So this dumb cunt has a problem calling Isis or any of the Islamic extremists groups terrorist but will label the NRA and pro 2A folks as terrorist?


  • That's their agenda.
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    I guess he never heard of colt, ruger, Connecticut Valley arms, Seecamp, and a million other gun manufacturers that built his state.
  • Yep
    Which of these are the MOST VIOLENT Terror Group?
  • All of the above.
  • if they are terrorists, why is he not terrified????
  • Because he's a fearless leader in the fight against terrorism, didn't you know that?
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    JWF wrote: »
    Because he's a fearless leader in the fight against terrorism, didn't you know that?
    Terrorism is the STRIVING to create Terror. Not the Result of such Actions.

    (ETA: Sorry. I meant that was why WE aren't Terrorized by these Gov't Groups. But the CONN Gov IS the Terrorist. He's just mislabeling his VICTIMS as the Terrorists. The old Misattribution Fallacy.)
  • do they not realize that NRA is the ones protecting gun grabbers from American firearms owners?
  • Screw them all. Power hungry is all they are. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t surround themselves with what we aren’t allowed to own and put their kids in schools as heavily armed and defended as Club Gitmo while ignoring every other school in the US.
  • And yes I’m a surly cuss tonight, not only is this crap weighing on my mind, but a lot of little thing in my personal life are bugging me. Stupid stuff that a few weeks ago wouldn’t bother me, but you know about straws and Camel backs.... I’ve got a lot of little straws and I don’t need some government power hungry douche nozzle adding any more because they want more power, especially since almost all of my other straws are shooting competition related when I almost have something good going on finally.... Nevermind I love my damn freedom all the rest of the time as well... Dang government roosters.
  • Did you see the dems are making some waves in Texas? Cruz is punking them but they are getting some numbers behind them.
  • the ONLY thing the dems have going for them on a state level is cannabis...the dumb ass GOP are acting like a bunch of sharia police about it.......its weird, dems wont give up gun grabbing and repubs wont give up fighting against legalization, both are losing issues with voters
  • Hear, hear Tack! It's too bad that there isn't a Libertarian Party....Oh yeah, there is, but they are as power hungry and stupid and hypocritical as the others. :'( :s
  • Dependes on the libertarian, theres the Rand and Ron Paul types and the Gary Johnson types, they are not even close to the same thing.
  • WR from your list above I'd have to say the fbi has killed more women and children.
  • scottrob76 wrote: »
    WR from your list above I'd have to say the fbi has killed more women and children.
    Yes. And the IRS has ruined more lives...
  • So much for the theory that we should respect those in "authority" then ......

  • PM, LOL. That was my Avatar on a Silencer Site for several months. B) o:)
  • https://www.nationalschoolshield.org

    I’m supposed to believe that the NRA is a terrorist organization who doesn’t care about the kids when in 2012 they introduced the national school shield program to the democratic controlled government and were shot the hell down. Even though they said they would fund it to the tune of 100%

  • Lol that's logic, they rely on fear mongering for thier arguements.
  • http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/06/texas-holds-first-2018-primary-amid-surge-democratic-voters.amp.html

    Here's some of the stuff I've been seeing everywhere on the "dem uprising" in Texas, What do the actual numbers look like? This seems like the news spewing bullshit propaganda.
  • The "Early Voting" was predominately Dem. So ppl were worried. But Election Day had a HUGE outpouring of Rep voters.

    Also, it's just the Primary. Not the General. So fewer ppl care unless they want to unseat an Incumbent.
  • Ted Cruz was embarrassing them pretty badly, I don't know why the dems think they can "connect" with Texans.
  • Because so many hate America, History, Whites, Work, Education (as opposed to Indoctrination,) and are Hate/Rage Junkies.

    Come to Houston and ppl will tell you how "all whites are racist." An obviously racist Statement on its very face. "An entire Race of people have the Attributes to which you ascribe them?" "Yes. They are ALL racist." :facepalm

    Also, ppl who want to keep their Earnings instead of paying Protection Money to Niche Groups somehow want to eat lead paint chips and drink toxic and irradiated water. :facepalm

    Remember, Progs believe their own Lies b/c they exist in an Echochamber of their own Parrotings. They can't TOLERATE objective Facts! So, they convince themselves of whichever Delusion they promote during their current Power Grab. ("We've ALWAYS been at war w _______. Ever since we defeated ______." - 1984)

    Just remember that Epstein is the "Forever Enemy." You know, because we need a Domestic Scapegoat for whenever we succeed and are shown for the HUGE folly that comes from our Programs. - Big Brother
  • Houston is Amarillo compared to Austin lol
  • And Austin is Wyoming compared to Portland Or :D How is the San Antonio area? I never hear too much about it.
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    JWF wrote: »
    And Austin is Wyoming compared to Portland Or :D How is the San Antonio area? I never hear too much about it.
    its like a combination of dallas and mexico city
  • Sounds like a fun place.
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