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It's a Scout-y kind of day


The first map is hysterical.
We're never going to hear the end of this from you know who now. (KY) :D


  • Perhaps you should change the Title. I thought that it was about the weather, like your other Thread.

    Maybe, TN/KY only states that value 2nd Amend?
  • The Red in the First Map should At least Extend into North Georgia !!
  • My bad guys, Tn. was probably me.LOL
  • MMR: Not "big guns strip clubs." LOL :D
  • WR, the closest thing we have to strip club around here is going to the stock barn sale.
  • Where's that damn "tongue in cheek" moji when ya need one? Bwaa-ha-haa! You guys been reading me sayin' it for years now. When ya's gonna git it in yer heads?! ROFLMAO, that's too funny right thar!
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