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YouTube has started using far left group to police content.


  • “We are taking a tougher stance on videos that may be offensive, but do not violate our policies,” Downs told the committee

    That's funny, you have free speech, as long as it doesn't offend someone.
  • Can somebody please explain to me why there is no conservative owned youtube type site ?
  • I would be happy with a politically neutral one with an emphasis on privacy ,kind of like how duckduckgo is with search engines.
  • Because conservatives are capitalists, and the few good sites that did start got bought out.
  • Okay , then what can this bunch of capitalists 3pers do to start our own .... hypothetically .
  • edited February 28
    Nothing significant, unless we can buy a server farm.
  • YouTube would buy it out or run a smear campaign and run it into the ground.
  • I just saw an article that Alex Jones is getting banned from YouTube. It just goes to show that organizations like SPLC just want their voice heard and their view of the world is the only one that matters
  • Not only is it the only one that matters but it's also the only one allowed. Socialist pricks.
  • the SPLC can eat a bag of baby dicks...fuck them
  • SPLC (stupid prick liberal cunts)
  • Can somebody please explain to me why there is no conservative owned youtube type site ?
    "The company was founded by Ray Vahey. He described it as a way to avoid censorship and demonetisation by established services like YouTube.[1][2]"

    Give it a try. Hopefully 38% of Americans will have this as an Alternative Option to the Brainwashed Left-wing Sites.
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