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  • Yea fuck them.
  • Screw them, never did much shopping in there anyway, always reminded of grocery shopping. This shit has got a head of steam now, it's going to get interesting before it's over.
  • "Interesting" or bloody?
  • Tomato Tomauto
  • They never had crap anyway. Even their camping stuff sucks.
  • Sucks to be them, families going camping and year after year buying new sports equipment for their kids sells far more products then just some basement dwelling out of work Lefty going on an overnight camp out in their parents backyard.

    They will learn the same way that Target did when they pulled their little bathroom stunt.
  • You guys did what everyone else apparently missed or fail to remember what they did the day after Newtown, the exact same thing!

    Worse yet, my favorite local firearm dealer in SWPA called the owners of Dicks(wealthy acquaintances) and offered to buy every last bit, piece, and firearm they were no longer selling, and was told they were just going to hold on to them, see what came. Guess who had AR’s creeping back in to stores by August? Field and Stream and Dicks was putting “parts” back in its stores and AR’s in some as well.

    Remember what Cheaper than Dirt did? $100+ 30rd magazines? And there were some screenshots of $250 PMAGS (IIRC), yet many gun owners went straight back to them after the kerfuffle. You know, gotta save those pennies vs support companies that actually support our FULL Rights.

    Dicks is political theater, nothing more. It’s a soccer mom/hippie store that happens to have hunting stuff more than a true outdoor store. They just signed a contract to purchase a butt ton of AR’s, do you really think they will back out on that or not make their money somehow, despite this BS statement? If the BOD changes, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. if they stay the same, and bring back those firearms and parts, I’ll stay in the same boat I’ve been in for a few years now, they don’t get a dime from me. Ever.
  • Go figure A place called "Dicks Sporting Goods" would be full of dicks.
  • If the price gouging starts save your money. There's not going to be a shortage on anything, just gouging. I saw on a report about a gun show last weekend in Florida, the vendors were saying after the first day they were on course to break records. Every time this happens there is a rush but it comes back.
    Now after saying that, I'm not sure how this one is going to end. Like most people, I thought after Hitlary lost, the gun debate would die down. I guess it did for awhile, funny how these things pop back up, their timing is unbelievable.
    Another thing, the Dick's, I mean Dick's, said they weren't going to sell a firearm to anyone under 21. If the laws aren't changed how can they do that if it stays at 18.
  • They will get sued. And they will win because it’s the liberal viewpoint they are taking, not the libertarian or conservative.
  • They can deny service to "white, hetero, males" just not anyone else.
    They'll say that they aren't "required" to sell firearms to anyone they "get a funny feeling about."
    I'd love for a young mother about 19 to get denied her Right to purchase a shotgun. Then sue because her home was broken into, etc. (I don't wish Rape on anyone. But that would be a less enviable option for a lawsuit.)
  • Apparently Wal-Mart is joining the band wagon
  • Wally pulled his ar's a couple years ago, here anyway, but I think he still sell's the accessory's for them.
  • didn't they pussy out after sandy hook
  • yep
  • Academy is our local Houston-based Sports Warehouse. They've come out as "pro-gun, pro-2nd, pro-Liberty."

    Something tells me that they'll get the lion's share of commerce here in Texas.

    I really don't know why Dick's even moved in a few yrs back. They wanted a slice of Market Share, I guess. Well, that slice just narrowed.
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