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House dems introduce Assault Weapons Ban of 2018



  • I’ve come to terms with a lot, and realized not much is in my control. That being said, I’ve used my first amendment first, now ANY, and I mean ANY new gun laws pass that go against the constitution are an open declaration of war on the American people by the federal government. I’m making a prediction the first shots of the revolution will be fired by the end of this year. Beans, bullets, water, bitch stickers, knowledge, and be prepared ladies and gentlemen.
  • The line is in the rear view , I honestly don't know what's gonna kick it off but it won't be me. The rest is Opsec.
  • Just so everyone knows there were some updates to the summaries of this bill and it looks to me that they have generalized the updating of the NICS system within this bill. Watch for them to be pushing that topic more and more. The closer they get everyone on agreeing to that the more likely it will be that these jackboots will pull this off. What sucks tremendously is that I think we can mostly agree the system is broken as we all know someone who has been wrongfully denied purchase. This worries me a bit more now.
  • So they are gonna emphasize the "fix NICS" stuff to push through the AWB stuff?
  • That’s what it looks like as they have added it into the summary of the bill. Still in judiciary session though.
  • They don't enforce the 20000 gun laws they have now.
  • Buy your "KIT GUNS" ....NOW.... boys and 80% receivers and magazines, we can build them them later.
  • Senate is moving on the less known S2095 entered by Feinstein last year. This bill sat in Senate Judiciary since November and hearings were held on it last night in the senate.


    Heads on a swivel ladies and gentlemen

    Also I just came across information that h 5077 and 5087 are essentially the same AWB in the house but only one was reported. Both were read in and sent to judiciary committee. We may have a Trojan horse in 5087


    5077 was introduced by the Florida female pimp wannabe cowgirl Wilson

    Get in the know before it’s too late. We all need to be contacting our reps and pushing for advocation of constitutional rights folks
  • I don't know about you fine fellows but this is where this old gimp stands, and you all know it !!!

    ........ I Won't Back Down

  • Rep. Thomas Massie warning on gun control
  • HR5077 and HR5087 have both been moved to the judiciary subcommittee on crime, terrorism, homeland security, and investigation.

    Remember both of these are essentially the same exact bill. And both of them want all your semi auto death machines.
  • So long as Politicians lie ....... I will not comply.

    What are they gonna do ........ kill me ???
    Does one old poor cripple really scare them that much ?
    Wow, just imagine if 3% of the population really decided NOT TO COMPLY ....
  • Want in one hand, shit in the other, and report which fills first.
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