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Sen. Bill Nelson pushes ban for over 200 different rifles

Do you guys think they’ll be able to pass this? I don’t think so but the anti gun crowd is loud and angry right now so you never know what’ll happen.



  • I don’t think it will pass. Florida tried to push a state ban just days after the murders, and it failed with 74%(IIRC) against the ban. Nationwide it may not be as large a gap thanks to all the RINO’s not caring and voting like tyrants, but I doubt it passes.
  • They're always loud and angry......and wasting oxygen. Doubt it will pass.
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    This is yet another BOne I have to pick w Trump. He screwed us on the Budget, now the Constitutional Protections that we are promised at Birth. (You know, the ones that come with 28k$ in Debt.)

    I have a GREAT Idea. Instead of banning Tools, let's ban MURDER! Why hasn't someone thought of THAT? That would stop ALL Crime. :/ B) :D
    ETA: I was wrong. It's 250k$ Debt that we owe at Birth. https://www.wealthdaily.com/articles/born-into-debt/2545
  • Here’s another idea. How about all of us just stop asking permission to carry an inanimate object
  • Mop for the win!!!! Exactly brother!
  • Not all of us do ask permission. Anyone know what the numbers for another AWB look like at a national level??
  • I don't care if they do ban them, they'll have to kill me to disarm me. Not that they can't, it's just what they gotta do.
  • They can try, but they will fail. Look at what passed in Connecticut after Sandy Hook. They had an 8%-10% compliance rate with their mandatory registration bill? Nationwide they would have less than 5% compliance (my predicted number, not based on any factual evidence). I highly doubt it will pass, but I won’t put it past them either. They could just run it straight through to POTUS, and he may or may not sign it into law. I’m skeptical of POTUS, as we all should be. Granted I voted for him, but we also have to keep in mind he is a businessman. He is also native born New Yorker, and that may come into play with his further actions regarding gun control.
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