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Trump threatens to pull ICE out of
California. Trump on CNN just a few hours ago.


  • That might be humorous in the end. Not for the smart people stuck there, but for all the idiots voting in that crappy Cali Policy.
  • Bring them to AZ and TX. We need them! Are children will throw Flowers at their feet and great them as Liberators. (Hopefully we won't regret this as so often happens.)

    We need each State to have a Nat Guard Unit that Specializes in Domestic Help. Firefighting, Urban Warfare, Urban Peacekeeping, Border Security, Water Rescue, etc. The 8 or so States that have Border Detachments, should spend their 2 weeks a year at the Border or Air, Road, Rail Terminals. Like NY Guard does in Subways.

    If we have 5k Troops at the Border round the clock, it would be great Training and easy Duty. Plus, manning Pickets would greatly reduce Crossings when 10k eyes are searching the Landscape, with Promotional Points and Bonuses for those who Spot and Detain Illegals. (7k miles of Border. Have someone stationed each 800m. Overlapping fields of fire. Some concrete Pits and some 20-50m high Towers every few miles. Aerostats w Radar, etc.) The Wall would be pointless. Have a 20m wide gravel path w "Landmine" Warnings every 50m. A few "Incidents" and Coyotes wouldn't want to cross w the Mules.
  • Did anybody else want to

    Stop celebrate and listen.

    Or did just waste that reference
  • No, I caught your “brand new edition”.
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    Black5heep wrote: »
    Did anybody else want to

    Stop celebrate and listen.

    Or did just waste that reference

    Ice, Ice, Baby...

    One Hit Wonder Who Stole David Bowies' Beat to "Under Pressure"... B)
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