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Just read that Trump just signed a memo directing Justice department to put forth legislature to ban all devices for speeding up firing on guns, aka bump stocks and such. Wheels are going to start turning boys.


  • I read what he said:

    “"Just a few moments ago I signed a memo directing the attorney general to propose regulations that ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns," Trump said at a Medal of Valor event at the White House, addressing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

    Taken From CNN

    Taken at his wording, all they are going to do is make trigger groups illegal if you don’t have a machine gun already and can prove it.

    Bump stocks do not make a machine gun.

    However, we know what he really meant, and while I hate it, it’s a bone to the rabid anti gunners. They don’t deserve or need a bone, but that’s all it is.

    We all saw this from 10 miles away at least like the light from a nuclear blast on a clear night.
  • I don't own a bump stock or the like, I'm afraid of the wording that may be used. If it is a ban on anything that make a gun an automatic is one thing, but a bump stock is not automatic. It is an accessory, to me anyway, just like changing out your furniture or adding a light. I'm afraid if they get one thing on a list then that list will grow, like the way they have a good bill and then they throw on a little something else they want and tell the other side you get your's and I get mine. It's a slippery slope once you're on it.
  • It will grow, and grow rapidly.

    Upside to the bad news of the day, the Florida House refused to hear a bill presented to ban a number of firearms, and did so with shooting “survivors” standing in chambers. They were used as props to elicit emotion and nothing more. It wasn’t even a small margin that refused to hear the bill thereby killing it, practically a super majority.
  • I hope (but don't expect) that Trump and his Minions know what a MG is. I fear, that he will think that Binary Triggers, Bump Stocks, Trigger Cranks, etc should have the ATF reverse their Findings and Determinations. They are Legal, but he may "change their minds" and alter Policy. :'(
  • We need to organize a March/Sit-in to promote Home Schooling. Schools are Free Fire Zones and the Students are woefully hobbled and victimized by their Lib/Erosionist Masters.
  • All these kids showing up at state capitals or even the White House to pull in the media/SHEEPLES heartstrings...it's getting beyond cconcerning. Now, that isn't to say I am w/o feeling for the situation...BUT DISARMING DECENT AMERICANS WON'T FIX THE ISSUE. I could kill you with a plastic spork if I wanted, and all these NUT jobs know media will burn their names into people's heads forever if they do something horrible. America is pretty unique in our freedoms and rights, if what is here created by our forefathers doesn't work for you, well there are plenty of other countries that have no such freedoms, BUT AMERICA IS HERE TO STAY AS DESIGNED CENTURIES AGO. This may go all the way to a cival war in our lifetimes fellas...
  • Better yet, the people at the Town Hall last night actually attempted to accost Dana Loesch. The people demanding she be disarmed, as well as her security detail be disarmed unless they are police, wanted to and threatened and attempted to harm her last night. They’ve continued their threats through the day so far as well.
  • Congress and Trump have plenty of guns around them. Trump even carries one.

    Shouldn't our Gov't be disarmed to prevent the Accidents that they claim are so numerous? Shouldn't we want to keep them safe, and thus no Security Detail? (I'm being intentionally Absurd, for those w no Sense of Irony at the Agencies that will read this.) If guns are the Problem, let's disard the Police/Feds/TSA/Army. We don't want ANYONE to place themselves at Risk by having Firearms present.

    ...Isn't it sad that the 1 Armed Deputy at the School decided to hide while un-armed Victims were acting as Human Shields to protect each other? Maybe the Police should be the 1st to disarm... you know, to stop all of the Violence.
    edited February 23
    He talked about "trigger modifiers" too, I wonder what that is exactly? He also is trying to raise the age requirement for purchasing AR15s from 18 to 21. Before he even did anything for gun rights he starts talking gun control, wtf? He betrayed the gun owners who voted for him.
  • We thought that Bummer was a "Manchurian Candidate;" we should have seen that Lifelong Demonrat Trump was a Sheep in Wolf's clothing. :'(
  • Sorry, but if he does anything toward banning or the like, I'm done with any kind of support for him. He's just a puppet if he does anything , shall not be infringed, easy isn't it. I don't want a tank, I couldn't afford to shoot it, but a personal firearm, to hell with them. The libtards want to say we don't need this or that for protection, but who are they to say. The individual person was here before the state,fed or any government was and they had the god given right to protect themselves. Everything we do now on a daily basis, however mundane, is because we have given in to their crap of what is expected of us to be good little citizens. This is not real freedom.
  • I think all the fake tan chemicals have fried his brain.
  • Park Lake = 19yrs (so raise the age limit to 21yrs)
    Orlando Nightclub = 30yrs and Profession Armed Guard (Disarm everyone who is 25-55yrs and also Armed Professionals.)
    DC Sniper = 41yrs, former Army (disarm anyone w weapon training or Gov't Service)
    Las Vegas = 63yrs. (no one over 55 should have access to Legal Firearms.)

    Takeaway? No Gov't Official or Armed Professional can be trusted. Each person is responsible for their own Behavior and Safety. Age, Race, Background, nothing matters. Just the Individual, and a Criminal won't be deterred by any New Laws. They just harm the Lawful Populace. :s
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