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Conversations with liberals volume 1


I’m gonna have some fun on Facebook over the next few weeks and am planning on releasing a whole slew of these blogs over the next while.

This should be fun



  • Heck yes. I will follow along
  • Your mic drop was brutal! Very eloquently and nicely put sir!
  • One of my nephews bought an AR the other day. I helped him chain it to the work bench in his garage directly in view of his cctv camera. We've been taking turns watching the monitor so we can catch it on video when it jumps up on it's own and goes on a killing spree. It either knows we are watching, is VERY tactical and waiting for the right moment, or is lazy as f2$8 cause it STILL hasn't moved.
  • I’m guessing it’s just lazy Scout. Probably underfeeding it. Maybe it needs a bigger food dish aka mag. You know more energy.

    Leviathan- thanks. I was still even holding back. I don’t want to scare off the liberals. I need them for more conversations. Haha

    Black5heep - this will be fun I think
  • That was the most polite way I’ve ever read “sit down, and STFU.”
  • Im gonna follow that
  • You should get alot of love on there.
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