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Where do YOU draw the line?

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I'm sure we all have a point where we say enough is enough.
And it's different for all of us.

When we've retreated as far as we can, and our back is against the wall, do we have the courage to draw our swords, say a quick prayer to our ancestors for strength, and then...

"MOLON LABE mother f-ers! Bring it on !!!"


How Long Before You Resist?
I have been waiting a long time for people in this community to decide that enough is enough and contact me with plans to do something in the face of the continual abuses of the federal government. I don't know what it takes to motivate resistance. We are witnessing the absolute destruction of our society and I know there are those out there who deplore the changes taking place in our society, but none who are motivated to act.

I know there are those who are thinking locally and who are developing strong communication systems, who are busy building the skills of their tribe. And while that is absolutely commendable and to be honest, one of the systems upon which I will rely when the SHTF, there needs to be more. There needs to be an actual resistance, an actual leader who is willing to stand up, with the weight of those dedicated to liberty and confront the actions being taken in our name.

Our federal debt has been frozen at just over $18 trillion. $18 trillion. We have our government planning: taking actual steps and planning to "bail in" the banks when the next financial crisis hits. WHEN, not if, the next banking crisis erupts. In other words, they plan to take your money, your wages for your hard work, and apply it to their bad debts, their bad investments. They will take the wages you have earned with your labor and give it to the banks to keep them solvent. At what point do you look in the mirror and say that this is wrong and that you will do something about it? How ugly does it have to get? How screwed do you have to be to resist the rapist?

We are not in unique times, these sorts of things happen to Cyprus, to Greece all the time. It will happen to Portugal, Spain and others as time goes on and it can happen to the US at any moment. When they do it, when they decide it is time to take your hard-earned wages and apply them to those who have made bad debts and bad decisions, what are you prepared to do? What is your plan of action? Who do you go after? Who do you make pay for that transgression? Who is your target?

Damnit men, it is time to know the answers to these questions.

The Supreme Court has proven itself incapable of resisting the blackmail of politicians. It is not an arbiter of our rights, it is in cooperation with those dedicated to the absolute destruction of the rights of the people.

Our society has been destroyed by the Supreme Court through its rulings in the past decade. What little leverage the people had over the actions of government have been neutered by these rulings, starting with the Patriot Act. A misnomer no greater could be devised.

When the terrorists flew those planes into the twin towers in an effort to destroy America, I thought they were fools; that no action of a terrorist could destroy us, then, we quickly set about destroying ourselves in an effort to resist such future actions. We are fools and dupes. But, I do not wish to remain so. Do you?

Our nation, our beliefs have been systematically destroyed by an administration dedicated to destroying our allies and supporting our enemies. I will not name a single piece of legislation or treaty that caused this, we caused this, we allowed this and only we can fix this. Only we, as Americans, can resolve this crisis of sovereignty.

We have to rise above our representatives, our senators and our presidents to demand a redress of grievances. It is our duty to do so. Never before has it been so clearly the responsibility of the individual to take matters in one's own hands and rectify the faulty and treasonous actions of our government.

Yes, before they take your money; before they subjugate you to other nations; before they enslave you to pay for the excesses of their waste.

I am about to be arrested for failure to pay taxes. I refuse to pay taxes to a nation so corrupt, so wasteful, so willing to take my hard-earned income and give it to illegal immigrants, who have not paid a single penny to federal or state taxes, that my conscience can no longer tolerate this hypocrisy where good citizens of this nation are treated as criminals in order to support the actual criminals who kill innocent citizens of this nation. I can no longer support this criminal organization functioning as a government of the people.

You are all targets. You are all patsies. You are all complicit in their crimes for having supported the government who daily passes laws and regulations designed to harm your efforts to support your family, who find all manner of ways and means to support those who can not legally vote in this society. Why? Because if they vote themselves your treasure, it is all done legally through the IRS.

How long will you stand idle before this affront? Will it be the day they take your wages? Or, will you act to deny them that opportunity? I don't know, but for me, the day of obeying a government who no longer obeys the founding document and the source of their authority has come and gone.


  • I have often thought about this exact topic. I feel that most of us have. I see that we are expecting ( and depend upon) the "Big Event". We plan for the Civil War, a nuclear attack, the foreign invasion, the super volcano eruption, the plague, the zombie apocalypse, the pole shift, or alien invasion......etc. I can honestly say that I have spent a fair amount of time and resources getting ready for any and all of these to some degree. What I feel is the biggest tragedy will be when the SHTF occurs in slow, boring, invisible ways that will creep up on us like a hidden rolling fog. We will not notice it arriving. We will wake up one morning and realize that everything has changed and no one noticed it. That is my worst fear. There will not be anyone to defend against, no bad guys on the ramparts, no reason to gather the troops as the enemy will be invisible. Those around us will still go to Wal Mart without noticing any changes. Maybe that has already happened to us all and we did not realize it. Hmmmmm What do you all think?
  • You know the old story about cooking frog, right?

    If you drop a frog into a hot pan, he's just going to jump out.
    But if you put him into a room temperature pan, and then slowly turn up the heat, he'll never know what hit him.
  • Bangfly, you nailed it. Here is what I think.

    Since about 1958 Hollywood has slowly began to use its influence to persuade me that being masculine is bad. It’s evil. I’ve said before the first noticed attack on the masculinity of our nation was in Rebel without a Cause. The affectionate father never did answer what is to be a man. From this point forward a slow erosion of morals and masculinity has removed the men from our nation. We now have a nation of children raised by women who don’t even know what gender they are. This stage has been completed by the enemy. There can be no men to stand fast if there are no men. We say well there is still ya, but now they just continue to force division and take us toward a brink that will not come in our time. As Rob said the slowly boiling frog. Once we are gone they push the last little bit and do as they wish, unopposed.

    From where I stand I came late to the fight, and really don’t offer much in the way of anything. I can only hope that those I reach will see the error of the ways of my father and his father before him so we do not have a complete loss. This war has been raging for decades. The liberals have our schools, Our health system, Our supply lines, even the church has been currupted by liberal ideology. Unless we fight back now the enemy will have passed us all by completely and as anyone who has ever been in theatre can tell you, chasing an enemy that has already passed you by is nearly impossible. They have the momentum of directional force. We have been standing still at the hilltops while they have moved all there forces to the next battle already. My biggest fear is that this war is already lost and we only have yet to see it.

    Society is at a breaking point. Morals are non Existent, men do not exist, and women don’t care for babies. The caliphate is already here, the Catholic Church is lead by a liberal, and we are all standing around with our dicks in our hands. Our enemy has outsmarted us, they have used our own systems against us. They have indoctrinated our children in their theoretical socialist society. And HR4918, should it pass along side gun legislation we will fall.

    We have waited for something big to happen for so long that all the little things have added up to much worse. SJW’s run our nation. If to this point you haven’t done anything to stop it or pull back the enemy then you are already a casualty of the war. We have said for years we need to be active in our community. We need to help instill guiding values in our youth, and with the exception of a few people we have sat back and said. Where is my line? When do I cross it? When is enough really enough?

    This writing isn’t meant to attack anyone here, but rather to light a fire under your asses. Our republic has been turned into a democracy and we did nothing to stop that change. Now, are we going to really allow these people to change America into Venezuela without a real fight. And I’m not talking about taking up arms. The war we are fighting has been taking place at the ballot box, in our schools, and in our communities. The blood that has been spilled has come from the inaction of men like us. We pride ourselves on being the sheepdog, but really look down at your pasture. Those sheep are actually wolves who have already eaten your sheep. They just now wear the skins of those we swore to protect. You are lone sheepdog and you have failed. So have I.

    The question here isn’t where is your line, the question now is since that line was crossed so long ago, what are we going to do about it now?
  • ^ You're right. I'm sorry to say that I think the war is lost.
    The people have spoken, and there are just too many of them, and not enough of us.
    I think the best we can hope for is to form a community somewhere (central Colorado, perhaps) and circle the wagons.
  • ^ ^ ^ TLP, The War Is Lost ??? Fuck That ! I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight....

    I Did the Math, and I Came up with... ONE 3%'er Equals... 1000 Soy-Boy, Man Boob Bra Wearing, Skinny Jean, Dreadlock Girl, Parents' Basement Dwellin', No Drivers License Getting, Punk Ass Liberal Communists...

    Don't Get Me Wrong... I Am All For a Rallying Point in Colorado... I Love it Out There, BUT,
    This Tinder Box is Getting Ready to Explode...

    And I Am Going To Ride The Bomb... ;)
  • Yee Fucking Haaaa !!!

    Move up, we're riding double !
  • I personally feel, MY OPINION AND NOT ESPOUSING IT AS SITE OPINION(I really need to get itallics working in mobile so it doesn’t look like I’m shouting) that we’ve dodged a few kicking off points somehow. Most of the conspiracy stuff aside, had the left and Obama and a Dem majority congress actually done what they wanted and had the power to, we would either be screwed or fighting several times over. There have been other points in just the last 20 years I can see could and one or two that should have started something big.

    In a way I’m glad they haven’t. Once you’ve seen carnage, it’s not something most people relish going back to, or worse, have come to your home. Most of us who have will do it again because we see the necessities and benefits to others, but who doesn’t want an easy life instead?

    In another way I’m sad they haven’t because when people on the left agree with us that Freedom has severely eroded, we’re getting screwed worse than we may realize and it needs corrected. Soon.

    It’s a voting year, go exercise that right, especially where a good challenger is against an incumbent, even more so if it’s against a spineless or piss poor incumbent. Most of them, especially at the national level know they are lazy POS, and some are jumping off instead of risking a shaming loss. The ones who aren’t need removed and a statement made that enough is enough.

    Exercise that right in the hopes we don’t have to exercise other rights, a redress of grievances or others. Make your voices heard.

    But I’m not saying stop being ready and continuing to get ready for whatever the future holds, especially since it has the potential to get nasty. Do what you feel is necessary to be ready for the future.
  • Bottom line.....the tree of liberty is due for a good soaking. There is no other way out of the mess we're in. We will either split as a country....or many will die. Voting? LMFAO.......forget about it. Those days are over
  • People have been saying voting isn’t an option for decades, yet, every two years there’s another vote but no civil war.

    Exercise the rights you have even if you don’t think they will change anything. If they didn’t have and effect, we would be calling Hillary President right now.
  • edited February 24
    I drew my line LONG ago. I began to resist LONG ago. Yes, I do my resistance locally as changes begin at home. I've participated in actions that have eliminated some corrupt officials. The whole damn community was tired of the tyranny LONG before my birth. So, don't think this was all MY idea. You can resist and create the change this country needs WITHOUT bullets and bombs. Just gotta be willing to get out there and do it. That being said, corruption don't like to lose, have your bullets ever ready. Luckily, I was born into a community of patriots. The type that WON'T sit idely by for very long. If you are surrounded by commies, perhaps you should regroup to an area where folks are taking a stand and work your way outwards. Hell, that's what Kentucky has been doing for over 200 years, but, we can't fix it all alone, the rest of you fine American men and women need to rise up or it will NEVER stop. You ain't gotta start shooting, it ain't to that level, yet, but, mark my words, "It's a comin'". Y'all want a visible answer on how to get the job done? Look no further than the Kentucky School shooting trial. Pay close attention and you will see how patriots handle tyrants, until that tyrant goes violent, peacefully is how it's done. Sometimes I wish I could give out ALL details of how we bust these fools, but, OPSEC always gets the better of me. Oftentimes, I give you all the information you need, simply gotta read between the lines to hear the story. Am I a hero? Nope, I'm just a typical American Veteran who's had enough. The folks in my crew, they are the heroes, some of them been fighting this revolution longer than I've been alive. I have a civilian job. I'm not a fed, or leo, nor do I work for the government any more, or, do I? Are We The People NOT the government? I swore the same oath that many of you all did, I'm simply a man trying to honor that oath. I don't want my future grandchildren to be raised under the tyranny we are facing in this nation today. When my ashes are scattered, I plan on it being above free soil. Some of you have been around awhile, so, you've seen me talk about this op or that one, I'm sure most of you think to yourselves how FOS scout-one is, until I showed you the news stories that came out AFTER I told you the "what's up". Maybe you are thinking it now, that's ok, watch and see. Bottom line, you guys want your country back? Then YOU GOTTA GET OFF YOUR ASSETS AND TAKE IT BACK, it will NEVER be handed to you freely, cause freedom ain't free. It requires commitment. Lots of time studying and doing things when you'd rather be doing, well, ANYTHING else. Being a patriot is a 24/7 job, and it NEVER gets any easier. Are YOU that guy? The one's who miss out on holidays with the family, ball games with the kids, your favorite tv shows, vacation time, etc., all so that your child DON'T have to be "that guy"?
  • I think we are just getting closer to a tipping point.

    Getting involved in politics is a good thing

    Sad though a lot of the patriot groups around here are bootlicking the cops, buying into the restoration of order thru being buddy’s with the government.

    I never understood that. Why would you buddy up with the lap dogs of the politicians. You know if they pass a law to seize weapons or something along those lines. Who goes to enforce that. The police.

    Time to become a loud voice in politics.
  • After watching CNN’s Town Hall (actually town shout down) and the POTUS meeting yesterday, it looks as though all the ones saying “not one more inch” will get the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is.

    There’s a reason I’ve put my line so far out and vaguely so and support voting even if you don’t think it will help. When YOU move your line closer and act, it doesn’t look bad. If you put your toes on the line to start and THEY move the line behind you, you either have to act, or step back and look weak and lose credibility.

    I don’t think anyone really knows their true line because we obviously haven’t reached them yet. I won’t be shocked if we find out just where those lines are, and relatively soon though. I’m just not looking forward to seeing our nation looking like Kosovo and Serbia did, or the Ukraine does. Pictures don’t do it justice, and to see that here will be devastating, even if every wrong is righted.
  • Remember, some prices are worth what you get, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be devastating. That’s why I always encourage voting, but being prepared. If voting doesn’t prevent chaos, be ready to fight hard and end it fast.
  • When you whip a bully's ass, don't he usually end up being one of your best friends? Or am I the only one who grew up around real men? "Buddying up" with them creates peace, UNSTABLE peace, but, peace nonetheless. Remember, your enemies don't tell you their plans, but, your "buddy" generally will. "Bootlicking", well, not so sure that's a good thing since nothing ever changes if you continue to allow or are complicit in their tyranny. You can see more when they feel safe around you, they are more themselves if they THINK you are "one of them". I always told my children, "The best and ONLY way to beat the system is to make THEM believe you're a part of it." I've lived my life by that advice. It's not fool proof, but, nothing is. That my brother is the importance of "buddying up" with them. Not to mention, the government WILL NOT teach those guys about what exactly their jobs or oath means, YOU can if you're their "buddy".
  • Remember the Old Adage...

    " Kiss It, Until You Can Kick It..."
  • “Politely asking fascists to stop being fascists doesn’t have a good track record.”

    -Larsen Rose

    My line in the sand in the next form of molestation of our Bill of Rights. No one on this planet can determine what I do and do not need, because my God GIVEN right CANNOT and WILL NOT be legislated away some panty wasted prude in international legislature, DC legislature, or local legislature. I will not take up arms, until there is no other option left, but armed revolution brought about by mandatory registration, and armed confiscation. I will handle things as peaceably as possible. There is a reason the First Amendment comes before the Second Amendment. Ballot box before the cartridge box. My representatives are emailed, faxed, and written to once a month to let them know ANY form of molestation of the Second amendment will not be tolerated. How well do they listen? I’m not able to answer that question, but one day I might have an answer for that. Armed revolution is my groups last resort.
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