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I Bet That You Never Thought To Get Her Anything Like This

And I bet that you probably bought you Best Gal flowers, candy and a card for Valentines Day , when you could have gotten her some of this !!!


Woman conceals an incredible arsenal of weapons under her simple black outfit

Too many women complain that their outfits just can’t accommodate a concealed weapon. As a result, many end up carrying a weapon off their body in a purse, or they leave it behind completely in their home or car.

Anna Taylor demonstrates a line of concealed carry solutions for women by Dene Adams.

Her line of shape wear holsters provide safe, practical, and comfortable concealed carry options with complete trigger protection.

Check out just how many weapons she can conceal without a big coat or purse in the video below.

Do you know any women who need some gear like this?


  • In the south, chicks just put thier pistol in the same pocket as their Copenhagen.
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