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Don't want to disappoint a kid

I'm friends with a girl who lives in a very densely populated city near me.
her 11-year-old son is homeschooled, and he doesn't get out much. So last time I was over there, I showed him how to use a firesteel. But he had some trouble with it, because it was a crappy one. And you know how sometimes boys look for a big brother figure?
So I could see that he really loved playing with the firesteel, even though he couldn't get it to work properly. So I told his mother that I'll get him a better one, and also show him how to use a map and compass, thinking that will encourage him to go outside (with mom) and explore.
So I went to a camping store near my office, and they had shit. And I missed my train. So I had to go home, and drive to a bigger store kind of far away to get the stuff. But I saw how the whole family's eyes lit up when he was trying the firesteel.
I'm having a miserable time in work, and I don't like to stay up too late during the week as it is, but I can't let them down. So I'm going to keep it real, and get him his stuff, and at least I'll know l did what l could to get him interested in outdoor skills.
So hopefully when he's an old guy like we are now, he'll think back to when he was 11, and Rob got him his first compass.


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    Not only that brother, but, there's always that "what if?" monster lurking to gobble a little bitty. What if you don't show him, and on his way to a (blank), his vehicle slides off an icey ravine and his legs are broke? Knowing that most vehicles have some form of magnesium within them and how to create flames with it would have been pertinent information since it's gonna take EMS a minute to find him cause cell and GPS signal sucks in ravines.
  • Roger.

    So he had success with the new firesteel igniting cotton balls in the kitchen sink.
    He's a pro now. :D
    That's as close as us city people get to a firepit.
    On Monday, I'm going to bring over some sticks and a sharp rock, and we're going to see if we can make and ignite wood shavings instead of cotton balls.
    (I have to try it myself tomorrow to see if I can do it. :D )
  • Ummmm, may want to at least go outside brother. Sinks ain't the best at stopping flame growth, lol. Nah, seriously, good on you for passing on ancient skills man, cities won't be operational forever. He may pass that info down the line to a grandchild of his who is the only survivor of a plane crash on a deserted island. That grandchild may use said knowledge to build a signal fire that gets him rescued. 100 years from now, you saved his life. You're a hero, now teach him about carbon monoxide poisoning due to sink fires. Hahaha!
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