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  • I heard this morning on the radio that on March 14th they're having a teacher/student walk out across the nation, or at least trying to have gain traction. This is far from over this time, they want Trump out and they're going to use this to try and get him to do something.
  • I believe Trump SHOULD do something, shit or get off the pot. By making it illegal to deny ANY non incarcerated person above the age of 17 to carry WHATEVER type of weapon on or about their person in WHATEVER manner THEY deem necessary at ANY time or ANY place THEY choose. We already retain the right to snatch up these very individuals, hand them a weapon, and ship them to foreign lands to die in our name, why not reward that participation with a damn trophy? Anyways, if Trump won't be a friggin man and put a stop to all the damn REPUBLICRAT tyranny, then perhaps he SHOULD step down and make way for a PATRIOT. I'm told Kentucky has a governor with testicular fortitude, perhaps he'd be up for the job?
  • Anyway you look at it, he's damned if does and damned if he don't.
  • Just declare Public Schools as the "Free Fire Zones" that Liberals have made them, and give 22k$ Homeschooling Vouchers to anyone who feel that Liberal Education is "harmful to the Health, Safety or Well-being of the Child." (A twist on Roe v Wade.) B) o:)
  • And it keeps getting better:

    The armed Deputy at the school KNEW a shooting was occurring, but stayed outside the whole time.

    He resigned today. He damn well better be charged with negligent homicide tomorrow.

    The government that say let them protect us dropped the ball so many times in this specific instance alone, never mind all the others, yet they believe we trust them to protect us still?

    So many things I’d like to say right now, but I’ll leave it as Svrew That and Them!
  • Shouldn't we disband the FBI, since they were complicit in the Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder? Seems like instead of banning Guns, we should ban Police and Gov't. THEY are the PERPS here! :'( :(
  • With the black eye the FBI has been getting of late, I hope no one on the freedom loving side tries to use them or their statistics for ammo in an argument.
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    MMR, are you saying that the lackadaisical handling by the Field Agents somehow infers bias on the Science and Research Depts?

    I disagree with their Emphasis upon Penetration over upset. I prefer Evan P. Marshall's Research into Actual Shootings and the Physiological testing performed upon live animals and Documented Cases from Combat.
  • Teachers can carry here in Oregon but they are too limp wristed and liberal to use common sense and actually carry.
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    One of the other four officers that refused to enter the school and stop the slaughter was " a leader in the Hamas-related Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)."

    Now I wonder why no major network is talking about this ?
    Oh that's right, because it in no way fits the political narrative currently being pushed.
  • ^ They're only brave when their opponent is not shooting back.
  • TLP, why should the Muslim shoot? The American was doing his dirty-work for them.
  • MMR1, your OP is spot on.
  • Now this is really interesting ....


    Limbaugh Covers Infowars Report On Broward Officials Shielding Criminal Students — ‘Somebody Tell the President’
    Infowars reporting confirmed as revelations of PROMISE Program emerge
    Dan Lyman | Infowars.com - February 27, 2018

    Intel contained in an Infowars report regarding agreements between Broward County law enforcement and school officials to protect criminal students is bubbling to the surface, and radio host Rush Limbaugh has called for the information to be shown to President Trump.

    Infowars was the first major outlet to put a magnifying glass over bombshell revelations presented by a journalist at The Conservative Tree House (TCH), which uncovered possible connections between policies implemented in 2012-2013 by Broward County officials to the massacre in Parkland, Fla. on Valentine’s Day.

    Not long ago, the Broward County school district had one of the highest levels of criminality, suspensions and incidents of student misbehavior in the country, and the majority of offenders were minorities.

    Seeking to improve their record in an effort to secure expanded state and federal funding, district officials led by new superintendent Robert Runcie – who had been brought in from the Chicago school system – implemented a strategy designed to essentially sweep the issue of student criminality under the rug, while also addressing the ‘racial injustice’ of the system.

    A 2013 “Collaborative Agreement On School Discipline” between the School Board of Broward County and the Sheriff of Broward Country, as well as the Fort Lauderdale Branch of the NAACP and a variety of other state and local legal bodies, can be found HERE.

    In short, the agreement established new standards and practices by which law enforcement would seek alternatives to arresting students who had committed crimes or “minor disturbances,” with a specific focus on “students of color, students with disabilities and LGBTQ students,” who were “disproportionately impacted by school-based arrests for the same behavior as their peers.”

    The standard by which crimes were deemed ‘minor’ enough to be essentially dismissed eroded quickly, as “even the most severe of unlawful conduct was being filtered by responding police,” according to the journalist at TCH, who says he was approached by whistle-blowers in law enforcement.

    Limbaugh dedicated a large portion of his broadcast on Monday to this story – which has also now been touched upon by Tucker Carlson of Fox News and Jake Tapper of CNN.

    “There are a number of news organizations – not mainstream – who think that said policy was in effect,” Limbaugh explained, implicitly including Infowars, before going on to read directly from multiple sections of the Infowars report.

    “He was in the Chicago public school system specifically to fix the schoolhouse-to-jailhouse problem in Broward,” Limbaugh said of Superintendent Runcie. “‘He was hailed as a hero as suspensions magically dropped by 40% and arrests dropped by 66% in just two years in Broward County.’ They just stopped arresting and they stopped suspending.”

    “Now, as for Superintendent Runcie, back in 2015, he was invited to join Obama’s White House School Discipline Summit ‘to share his secrets to success in lowering student arrests and suspensions’ – because they thought that was a magic thing,” Limbaugh continued. “‘In 2016, superintendent Runcie was named Florida’s Superintendent of the Year.’”

    “Somebody needs to tell the President why some of these perps are not in the background check system – and that would be the Obama-Eric Holder PROMISE program,” Limbaugh concluded. “My guess is we’re going to be hearing more about this in the coming days, as people learn of this and decide to tackle it themselves. If not, that will be interesting in and of itself too.”

    The connection between Broward County’s approach to ‘reducing student crime’ and the Parkland massacre is emerging – and the Obama administration is also implicated in the findings.

    “The Broward County school district’s adoption of a school discipline policy that was praised by the Obama administration for seeking to reduce the reported number of school suspensions, expulsions, and arrests may have played a role in the fact that Nikolas Cruz remained under the radar until his shooting rampage in Parkland, Florida, on February 14,” reports Dr. Susan Berry for Breitbart News. “The Obama-era Departments of Education and Justice – under education secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder – issued school guidelines in 2014 that claimed students of color are ‘disproportionately impacted’ by suspensions and expulsions, a situation they said leads to a ‘school-to-prison pipeline’ that discriminates against minority and low-income students.”

    During a testy interview between CNN’s Jake Tapper and Broward Country Sheriff Scott Israel, Tapper addressed Infowars’ reporting, and Sheriff Israel corroborated its accuracy in his response.

    “A lot of people in the community have noted that the Broward County School Board entered into an agreement – when you were Sheriff in 2013, to pursue the ‘least punitive means of discipline against students,'” Tapper said. “This new policy encouraged warnings, consultations with parents, and programs on conflict resolution – instead of arresting students for crimes. Were there not incidents committed by this shooter as a student that, had this policy not been in place, he would have been arrested for, and not able to legally buy a gun?”

    “What you’re referring to is the PROMISE Program,” responded Israel. “The school has the ability under certain circumstances not to call the police, not to get the police involved on misdemeanor offenses and take care of it within the school. It’s an excellent program. It’s helping many, many people. What this program does is not put a person at 14, 15, 16 years old into the criminal justice system.”

    Read Infowars’ original report on collusion between Broward County officials HERE.

  • If there was any Justice left in USA, that Sheriff and the School Admins would be charged as Co-conspirators Prior to the Act. Let them all face the Death Sentence, after they've sentenced 100s of Students to poor Education and a dismal Future, not to mention the dozens that they conspired to kill and maim during the actual Shooting.

    These are the people who are TRULY responsible for the Carnage. Yet it's the backward, dimwitted, psychotic little retard who will face the Trial and Prison. We need to hold Officials to the same standard which we force upon the Children who they FAILED! :'(
  • Just to toot my own horn, read the 7th post in this Thread. I mentioned the school maximizing their Fed Grants (even though I didn't know the PROMISE Program by name at that point.)

    Great catch WR! You da Man! :D B)
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